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First I need to congratulate Kristian C. He is the winner of the Locavore tickets! If you didn't win, you can still get your tickets here.

After a fun - filled weekend including a bridal shower, blueberry picking and a bachelorette party, a lazy Sunday brunch is just what I needed. The invitation to try Flour's brunch came at the perfect time. 

Flour is one of my favorite off the beaten path places on the East Side.  It's close to home and perfect for those nights when we don't feel like making the trek downtown or to the usual hot spots. Surprisingly we never considered it a brunch spot.  That mistake won't happen again. 
The menu for our brunch included a diverse sampling of their normal brunch offerings. The truffles tator tots with gravy had all our mouths watering in anticipation.

We started off with salmon prosciutto, arugula and crepes. I'm extremely picky about salmon so I knew this wouldn't be my favorite course. I did actually try the salmon at least but found it to be too similar to smoked salmon in texture for my taste. The crepe and arugula helped cleanse my palate for the next course.

Not surprisingly,  the tator tots were a HUGE hit all around.  

The fried chicken was another crowd pleaser too. 
My piece was mostly breading unfortunately due to the way it was cut up to share, but it was crispy and full of flavor thanks to Sriracha both in the breading and on the side. One guest said it was the best fried chicken he ever had. I would definitely order it next time I go so I could get the full effect.


Chef Minnillo's housemade sausage was one of my favorites. Lean, flavorful and spicy - it was  a taste sensation. For our event, people were afraid to take a whole patty because they were so big but I eagerly devoured mine. I couldn't help think about how good this would be as a burger - yum!

Another favorite was the Eggs Benedict made with mortadella. What a great twist on a classic. 

I'm a huge fan of Flour's wood fired pizzas so I was really happy to see one show up for brunch... with a gorgeous runny egg on top of course.
Chef Matt Mytro discussing the old school new school magic that happens in the kitchen.
I always like something sweet in the morning and the Nutella French Toast with peanut butter powder and fresh peaches hit the spot. Yum! I found myself wishing for some maple syrup maybe because I'm used to the moisture it adds, not because the dish was lacking flavor. I'm thinking a drizzle of cream would have done the trick without adding sweetness. This was so good, I want to try making it at home.
Perfect ending!
Many thanks to Chefs Paul and Matt for hosting us. It was a delicious meal that showed that Flour Restaurant is a dining destination no matter what time of day it is. 

Brunch is available Sundays from 11 - 2:30 and Sunday Supper is what's for dinner from 5-8pm. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. Be sure to check out these specials: $8 pizza night on Mondays and 1/2 price wine night on Tuesdays.

**Disclosure: I was invited to brunch along with a guest. In addition, they provided a gift card for a future visit. 
We frequent Flour regularly because we like it ~ as always, all opinions expressed are my own. ***

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