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Happy New Year!

We are about a week into 2020 - hopefully it's off to a good start for you!

If you made resolutions, I'm rooting for you to stick with them! I don't personally make resolutions. I prefer to think of my goals for the New Year as a stretch assignment. Every year I like to choose a few things that I would like to learn or things that I would like to experience and make it happen.

A few years ago I took a day off of work and went to the Cleveland International Film Festival to see movies by myself. I was really nervous but it was totally fine! I don't necessarily think seeing movies solo is something I will do regularly, but I was really proud of myself for trying it. 

Last year I vowed to finally use the Kitchenaid food processor that had been sitting on a shelf for years. I'm REALLY glad I conquered my fear of this thing because I absolutely love it! I've made pasta dough in it and figured out how to use the slicing blade. Life changing! Now I make shredded Brussels sprout salads all the time.

I got laid off recently, so this year I'm focusing on ways to save money and using the extra time that I have to try new things in the kitchen. I'm going to be making bread a lot because it accomplishes both :) I'm also trying to make kombucha for the first time and plan on fermenting garlic and honey. If you have any tips, tricks or favorite recipes, please let me know!
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Another thing I am focusing on is to drink more water. I have found that I don't drink enough throughout the day and tend to be slightly dehydrated. One thing that has really helped is our Distilatta water cooler
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It's highly visible so when I walk by it, it triggers me to think about drinking water. The model that we have has three temperatures of water (room temperature, cold and hot) so it's ready to go no matter what I plan on drinking. I especially love that it makes hot water at the perfect temperature for tea. Another great benefit is that it's super easy to fill up a reusable water bottle so I can stay hydrated on the run without being tempted by single use plastics.

Also, I received an Instapot for Christmas so add conquering my fear of pressure cookers to the list! I'll definitely be sharing how that goes - I know a lot of you have them sitting around unused because you are afraid of them too.

Do you make New Years Resolutions? What are you trying to work on this year?