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Summer is my favorite season. The sun, the food, the fun - and picnics and fireworks too! It always goes by way too fast and before you know it, it's Labor Day. Folks may be thinking of fall even though it's still officially summer, but no matter the season, I think of ice cream.

And many times that ice cream is actually frozen custard from Rosati's.
This family-owned business has been crafting soft serve custard for more than 20 years. In 2000, Jim & Marcia Rosati decided to expand their frozen dessert experience. As owners of the Honey Hut Ice Cream stores in Brecksville and Brunswick, they were able to build upon their ice cream expertise and master creating the finest frozen custard.

Ice Cream vs. Frozen Custard

Custard and ice cream are both made from essentially the same ingredients: 
  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Sugar
The main difference is that to be considered custard, the frozen confection must also contain 1.4% pasteurized egg yolk according to the FDA. It's what gives frozen custard its unmistakable creamy and smooth taste. 
Rosatis Frozen Custard at sunset

Rosati's Frozen Custard Flavors

Rosati's is most widely known for their Higbee's Chocolate Malted, which is based on the drink at the legendary Higbee's department store. It's a Cleveland classic flavor that is a Must Do. Luckily it's available every Wednesday.

But they have created 150+ tasty flavors throughout the years! So many, it's nearly impossible to pick a favorite. But here are some of my top picks to help you get started.

Rosati's Frozen Custard Flavors You'll Love

I honestly haven't found a flavor that I won't eat, but some really stand out.

Half Chocolate/Half Vanilla with Krunch Kote 

My go-to since I was a kid and still one of my favorites. Pro Tip: Get an extra cup of Krunch Kote on the side.

Bananas Foster

This combo is banana perfection! I just tried this one for the first time this year and I'm hooked. If they don't have it on the menu when you're there, try the Bananas Foster Parfait for a similar tasty experience.
Rosatis Bananas Foster Parfait


I love that they offer this Italian classic! It's a hard-to-find flavor and they do it really well!

Pumpkin Pie

Or any of their pumpkin flavors really! They get the spice just right. 

Make sure you sign up for their newsletter to find out what the flavors of the days are. And each month newsletter subscribers are eligible for a $50 gift certificate giveaway!

Here's what they are serving up this month.
Rosati's September Flavor Calendar

Take Rosati's Home With You

And if you find a favorite, grab a pint or quart to take home! Whether you use my favorite non-stick ice cream scooper or just grab a spoon and dig in, you can enjoy your favorite daily flavor any day of the week. 

Where is Rosati's?

95 E Aurora Rd
Northfield, OH 44067
Open from 2 - 9pm daily