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To help start your New Year off right, I'm sharing this awesome excerpt from Bon Appetit to help you create your own amazing night of cheese.
This list makes me want to go shopping NOW!

Zimbro: “Small-format, sheep’s-milk cheese from Portugal coagulated with thistle rennet. Cut the top off and spoon this baby out.”
Pairing: Mast Brothers dark chocolate with sea salt
Piper’s Pyramid: “From Capriole in Indiana. Small-format, pyramid-shaped goat cheese dusted with paprika. The texture is like a marshmallow: light and fluffy.” 
Pairing: Emily G’s Jalapeno Raspberry Jam
Bleu Mont Bandaged Cheddar: “From Wisconsin. Willi Lehner‘s traditional cheddar is aged 16 months; it’s crumbly and balances earthiness with caramel sweetness.” 
Pairing: McQuade’s apple-and-ale chutney
Point Reyes Bay Blue: Possibly the most gorgeous farm ever: It butts up against Tomales Bay in Marin, for crying out loud. It’s a rustic and sweet blue cheese—think brown sugar. I could not stop eating this at Festival of Cheeses at ACS this year.” 
Pairing: Mast Brothers dark chocolate with sea salt
This list is really good because it includes some pretty tame options along with more interesting choices so everyone is sure to find something on the cheese plate to love.

La Tur: “It’s everything I want in a cheese. A little funky, a little tangy, a little milky. And a lot gooey.”
Cambozola Black Label: “A blue cheese that isn’t all up in your business. It’s sweet, it’s creamy, it’s your friend.”
Cabot Clothbound Cheddar (pictured): “Think of this as block cheddar on really tasty steroids.”
Ossau Iraty: “A people pleaser. Goes with everything.”
Harbison: “It’s as if the cow only ate mustard for its meals, and then was milked.”
Pimiento Cheese: “This is a dream cheese plate, right? Well then I want some Ritz crackers and pimiento cheese.”

Add some marcona almonds, sliced apple and pear, water crackers, thinly sliced bagette, and a flatbread style cracker. I would also need to include Lemon Stilton. It's perfect eaten solo or stuffed in a date. 

What are your favorite cheeses?


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