A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.

The October Ohio Blogging Association was held at Deagan's in Lakewood. I was SO happy to finally check this place out after hearing so many great things about it. I was not disappointed!

Alicia and Chef  Demetrios Atheneos

Thanks for the complimentary boards - they were excellent!

Veggie strudel

The veggie strudel contained root vegetables and was delicious!
Pumpkin taco
chicken salad with grapes and dates

me and Poise in Parma

Lindsay and Cooker Girl

me and My Retro Kitchen

Namaste or Should I Go? and Casey Krabtree

Amanda, Jen, Amie and Alicia

Dave of Again? Really? 
Stuart's awesome Twitter tie!

You can get a list of all the participating bloggers at Poise In Parma's recap here.
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