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Summer is the best time of year for produce in NE Ohio. Farms are loaded with so many choices. Besides farmers markets, CSAs, Fresh Fork and your local grocery store there is another option available - Door to Door Organics.
Door to Door Organics partners with farmers to bring fresh, organic produce and groceries right to your doorstep. It's an online grocery delivery service that makes it super easy to get fresh organic food without having to step foot into a grocery store. For people who hate to grocery shop, this is what you've been waiting for!
Good Food is on its way. We hand pick & pack every box with fresh, organic produce & local groceries. Eat Better #joydelivered
I actually LOVE to grocery shop so I thought I might not like having someone else pick out my food for me, but I was totally wrong! It is so freaking easy and awesome that I don't mind letting someone else have all the fun do all the work.

While it's not as local as shopping at the farmers market, they do work with some amazing local suppliers. Some of the same ones that my Fresh Fork does. And even though I'm a Fresh Fork subscriber, I've found that the flexibility that Door to Door offers makes it perfect to fill in the gaps for those items that we don't get or don't get enough of. 

I've gotten three shipments so far and this is what I've found.

  • Convenience - How much easier can it be than getting food delivered right to your doorstep?? I am so excited to see my box waiting for me when I got home every week.
  • Organic - Love that I can shop knowing everything is organic and the groceries don't contain any yucky stuff. Produce is always USDA Certified Organic and sourced locally whenever possible. The food never contains hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors and other stuff you don’t want to feed your family. And they have a great selection so it really is one stop shopping for most things you need. 
  • Flexibility - Door to Door Organics makes it SO easy to customize your order. This is my favorite thing about the service. You can swap out up to 5 items, put an order on hold or add on items hassle free. If you don't like cucumbers, swap them out for kiwi. Or carrots. Or potatoes. With so many choices, you never have to get something you don't want or need.
  • Customer Service - If you have a problem, they make it right. They are super friendly and helpful - A+ for sure.
  • Recycle - I can't even tell you how happy I am the Door to Door Organics recycles all the packaging. Because trust me, there is A LOT. I feel so much better knowing that it isn't all going into a landfill. All you have to do it leave the packaging out and the delivery person picks it up. 
  • Support Local Food Banks: In 2014, they donated 210 tons of organic produce to food banks in communities through regular weekly donations. 
  • Local suppliers - I'm glad to see some of my favorite local farms being used but I'd like to see more. I don't want tomatoes shipped in from another state when they are in season here in Ohio but I know that our growing season is limited most of the year. I love that they support little specialty and family farms.
  • Cost - I know organics cost more but some of the pricing was much higher than my local stores. But you're paying for convenience. And you can't toss in a bunch of extra items in your cart thanks to shopping hungry so I guess it evens out!
  • Quality - The majority of the items I received were great but there were also some issues. Beat up bananas, squished items and wilted lettuce were some of the things I experienced. This is what happens when you aren't picking out your own food. That being said, their customer service is GREAT and they always addressed my concerns quickly.
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**Disclosure: I was provided with a credit to use to try Door to Door Organics in exchange for an honest review and hosting a giveaway. Readers were also provided with a discount code. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Images from Door to Door Organics. **

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