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Variety is the Spice of Life - Mixcups Coffee Review

Do you have a Keurig? We normally brew coffee from beans we grind fresh but I really love being able to make a quick single cup occasionally. I especially like being able to make a cup of flavored coffee or a specialty brew. But because I don't drink it often, in order to get an assortment of flavors I have to buy multiple boxes and waste a ton of space storing coffee pods. Plus I worry about them getting stale. Normally the prepackaged variety include a lot of flavors I'd never drink so when Mixcups offered to let me try their Mix of the Month Club, I couldn't wait to see if this would solve my problem. 
Mixcups was launched in 2012 by coffee fanatics who were tired of drinking the same cup of joe every morning and wished for a way to try something new without having to buy boxes and boxes of coffee that went stale before they ever got used. Sounds familiar, right? They claim that variety is the spice of life so they will make people's lives a little happier by mixing up their daily grind.

I eagerly opened up my Mix of the Month Box when it arrived. There were 30 pods inside. They also offer a Mini Mix (10 cups) and a Mega Mix (60) so you can pick the size that works best for you. The cost is higher than purchasing the individual flavors at a store, about 89 cents per cup for the Mix of the Month if you have a yearly subscription. 

There was a great variety of regular and flavored coffees. Most were ones I would purchase normally. There were a few Cake Boss blends that I would never normally buy because they were chocolate based but maybe I was just hungry that day because they actually sounded really good: chocolate cannoli and chocolate cake.

coffee from Mixcups

I brought the box to work and had fun trying different flavors every day. I told my co-workers they could try the coffee if they gave me their opinion and they were happy to join the coffee craze.

We all enjoyed the variety - there was a flavor for everyone. And it was really nice not to have to commit to a full box of a flavor in order to try them. The brands that we sampled were all brands you would find in the store and the quality was good.

Right after I got the box we were leaving for NYC. This one got me even more excited about the trip:
And it was delicious too! Besides the Brooklyn Vanilla Skyline, my other favorites were the hazelnut, Tim Horton's Original Blend, the Authentic Donut Shop Blend Original Dark and the chocolate cannoli. 

I love the concept and it's something that would make a great gift for the coffee drinker on your list. The coffee assortment was fun but I still got stuck with flavors I didn't like (chocolate cake - I'm talking to you!) If I could pick the coffee in my assortment, I would sign up today. If you think this is something you'd like to try, click here to subscribe.

** Disclaimer - I was provided the coffee pod samples free of charge in exchange for my honest review. All opinions expressed are my own. Sponsered post Powered by Brandbacker**