A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.


On our way back from New York, we decided to stop somewhere and actually eat a real meal. Thanks to the powers of the internet, we found a great little spot that was a perfect place to stretch our legs and fill our bellies. The town of Berwick is really cute, is just a short drive off the highway (I-80) and happens to be the home of Wise Potato Chips. 

But that's not why we made the stop! Berwick Brewing was what we were searching for and it was well worth the short detour. 
This place serves beer, pizza and pretzels. That's it. And they do it really really well!
We tried two pizzas - the veggie lovers and margherita - and both were great. They had some really interesting and unique ones available too like the curd and jager (cheese curds and dry cured German sausage) and the Steve-O Inferno but my dining companions weren't interested in being that adventurous.
The thin and chewy crust was delicious. The herbs and veggies were from their garden. My only sadness was that they didn't have any olives. Obviously no Italian or Greek people working here!

We controlled ourselves and split a 6 beer sampler because we had a LONG drive home. We chose the Front Street Wheat, Dunkel Weizen, AZ's Smoked Porter, Vaughn's Cream Ale, Berwick Lager and Red Bank Dark. I also got a tiny taste of the Grumpy Bill's Porter to compare it to the smoked. 

They oddly put the beers on the board in the order they were chosen instead of in the order they should be consumed but we managed :)

We were seriously shocked at how tasty the beer was. Our least favorite was the Berwick Lager but they were all very drinkable. I was happy to finally try my first smoked beer - and I liked it! My favorite was the Red Bank Dark. For all you IPA lovers out there, theirs is supposed to be fabulous so you should put that on your list.

They have tons of indoor seating as well as a patio and a bier garten that overlooks the river.

What a great place to visit! We were there at 3pm on a Sunday but I imagine that it's quite the hot spot on a Friday or Saturday night. It's definitely worth a visit the next time you find yourself in central PA. So bring your growlers or buy them there so you can take home your favorites for a delicious souvenir. 
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