A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.

In honor of International Dog Day (August 26) - I thought I'd share a bit about my very favorite little fur ball, Buffy even though we don't consider her a dog and neither does she.
We adopted Buffy when she was 9 years old. We weren't really looking for a dog, but it was destiny. Adding her to our family has been the best decision we have ever made!
We would have loved to be able to change her name since neither of us like the name Buffy, but we decided that she had to be named after Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she is not your average fluffy little dog. She has lots of nicknames: Little B, The Buffster, Bufferooni, Buff Buff, The Princess, and Buffy Roo and more.

She has brought such joy to our lives and definitely has made our house a home.

Some of Buffy's favorite things through the years have been: 

  • barking at dogs walking by from her perch atop the leather chair placed by the window just for her
  • chasing squirrels

  • car rides in her elevated car seat for improved view
  • visiting Auntie Christine at "the annex"
  • going for walks
But her absolute favorite is eating. Her palate is adventurous just like her Mommy's. Some favorites are rotisserie chicken, steak, watermelon, and cheese. She eats her body weight in food and treats every day but thankfully has the metabolism of a super model.
Buffy is always quite the traveler! After starting her life in Indiana, she has moved many times. She has accompanied us to Columbus, Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls, Lake Chautauqua, Put-in-Bay, Kalamazoo, Cincinnati and more. She even completed The Donut Trail!

Buffy has even come to work with me. Such a good helper!
She loves parties!
And presents!

She is officially an old lady now (almost 18!) so she is starting to show her age a bit. Her vision and hearing are terrible, and she can't walk on hard slippery surfaces any more. It's really hard seeing her get old but she will always be our baby. We love you sweet Buffy!!
I'd love to hear about your fluffy family members. Share your stories in the comments.

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