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Cuyahoga County Administrative HQ

Yesterday the Cuyahoga County Headquarters opened its doors for the first time for public tours. Since they are my new neighbor, I couldn't pass up the chance to take a peek.

It's a great building! 
Here are some highlights:

Elevators Who knew an elevator could be so exciting! The special smart elevators reduce wait times. Using a touch screen, you select the floor you want to visit. A second screen pops up to let you know which elevator you should ride. 
View This location at the corner of E 9th and Prospect is perfect for great views from the upper floors.  You can see Progressive Field and Medical Mutual's Rose Building as well as the edge of Playhouse Square. 
The view from the Executive Conference Room is killer!!  
They also have a rooftop garden that not only looks very cool, it helps improve energy efficiency.  Unfortunately this wasn't open for the tour.

Art There is a lot of great local art in the building. It really enhances the colorful decor.  

While I was there I was fortunate to meet Randy Maxin. While he's originally from Pittsburgh,  he really captures the essence of Cleveland in his collages of upcycled vintage wallpaper and Cleveland Press newspapers.

Public Works will be the 1st offices to officially open for business starting July 17th. Click here for the full schedule.