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Emperor's Palace Restaurant

Chinese food is never my favorite cuisine. I don't think Cleveland has a lot of great choices and most if the time it's a bit bland for my tastes. I generally prefer the multilayered flavors of southeast Asia.

But when everyone tells you how awesome a restaurant is, you have to try it right?
Emperor's Palace is located on Rockwell in Asiatown between 21st and 24th. It's a tasteful and beautiful spot that features Chinese cuisine and dim sum. They have free parking in a lot across the street - a great bonus. I hate paying for parking!

Fellow blogger Nancy at Fun Playing With Food has dined here multiple times and her blog posts and recommendations made this a Must Do. 

Dim sum is available daily. They did not have the carts moving about the restaurant so we ordered off the menu. The three of us each picked two items to share. Definitely plan on sharing so you can taste as many items as possible - there are so many delicious choices it was really hard to pick. These were our choices:
Lotus Leaf Wrapped Sticky Rice looks pretty all wrapped up
and is stuffed with veggies, meat and spices.
dim sum, Emperor's Palace Cleveland
Sui Mai
"Juicy Buns" - Xiao Long Bao - these are really cool - when you cut them open, broth comes out.
Hom Sui Gok
These are stuffed with ground meat and veggies. Warning - these are VERY filling.
Chive pancakes
And my favorite of the night - the turnip cakes.
turnip cake, chinese dim sum

Honestly, at this point I didn't even need more food but my entree was on its way - the crispy duck.
For a side, I asked for the Chinese broccoli but got the regular vegetable - it was still delicious but I know the Chinese version would have been even better.

My friends also enjoyed their meals:

They were nice and let me sample theirs too - both were delicious. I think they were the Spicy Malaysian Chicken Casserole Pot and the orange chicken. 

This meal was fantastic and much better than the average Cleveland Chinese food you are likely used to. It was so good in fact, I've been craving it ever since! I'll be back for sure.
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  1. Turnip cakes are my favorite dim sum option!! Looks tasty! Thanks for sharing the info!

  2. Their turnip cakes and sticky rice are the bomb, but the real stars are the shrimp dumplings. Be sure to get them next time. But you did order some great choices so well done!

  3. Thanks for the tip Jill. I'll definitely add them to my list for next time!


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