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How To: Breakfast in Bed

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The perfect way to impress your Valentine is to serve up breakfast in bed. It's decadent and really shows how much you care. 

Here are some tips to help you pull it off in style: 

1. Use a tray. If you don't own one, you can used a large rimmed baking sheet or basket with a tea towel or cloth napkin on the bottom.

2. Make food that is easy to transport and tastes good even when it's not piping hot. Hash, a breakfast casserole or burrito, or a muffin and fresh fruit are all perfect choices. This hot fruit casserole is one of my favorites.

3. Keep the food warm by covering it with an inverted bowl, lid or clean lint free towel.

4. Put sauces or syrups in containers, jars or pitchers to keep things from getting soggy.

5. Kick up the presentation by garnishing the plate and tray. A sprig of fresh herbs or a beautiful flower are always nice. You can also tie a ribbon around the napkin for extra flair.

6. Transport the coffee in a thermal carafe and pour it once you get everything else in place. Include cream and sugar if your sweetie uses them.

7. Don't forget the seasonings: salt, pepper, hot sauce, or anything else that goes with the dish.

8. In case things get messy, have napkins ready. A hot, moist cloth will help clean up the sticky stuff.

9. Get a little fancy! Cut out heart shaped toast, sprinkle red heart candies on the pancakes, upgrade to sugar cubes - presentation is everything when you're serving your sweetheart breakfast in bed. Instead of regular OJ, splurge on a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie.

10. For extra points, tuck a little love note somewhere on the tray. It doesn't have to be a book - a simple I love you or heart cut out of a doily gets the point across.

This is also a perfect way to show Mom you care on Mother's Day. And make sure you do the dishes too.