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Where Oh Where Should Our Wedding Be?

I'm officially on lock down until I find the answer to this question!

As a newly engaged bride-to-be, I know this is the most important thing to take care of. Without a venue, I don't have an official wedding date.

So --- I've been looking all over trying to find the perfect place that is still budget-friendly. Thanks to all the great suggestions I've received so far, I've been busy. I've even put the Moms to work for me. I'm really hoping I can find the perfect "pop-up" but I'm looking into traditional venues too - just in case!

Then I can get busy thinking of the fun stuff - color scheme, dress and of course the food!
Any ideas?
We are going for casually elegant. Nothing too industrial. Ideally a farm-to-table feel would be perfect. Strands of lights, lanterns, candles and flowers. We need a REAL bathroom and prefer to be indoors due to possible weather issues. And we are looking at approximately 200 guests.

We are looking at Hale Farm and Botsum. We would rather be a little closer to the city if possible so there are more lodging options close by for our guests. I know there's a perfect place out there somewhere! 

Thanks to Kristian for this great video


  1. Did you check with the botanical garden?


  2. that video is a riot! and I am certain that will not be you guys, well, maybe... ;)

    I do agree with Jannette about the Botanical Gardens.

  3. the botanical gardens are magnificent. however, if you want to be respectful of a budget, they are ridiculously expensive (first venue we checked out).

    have you joined the knot? posting in their forums is a great way to get ideas you'd never think of.

    1. Thanks!
      I joined the Knot but haven't had a chance to really explore the site. I'll check it out. Botanical Gardens are WAY too expensive unfortunately - gotta pay for all that gorgeous!

  4. I'm not much help with venues since I've always wanted to have my reception at the Croatian hall. But have you checked out country clubs? I've been to a couple really nice weddings that haven't broke the bank. Or the Ohio Court house, I think that's what it's called. I've seen some really cool photos there. And last suggestion severence hall :)
    I've heard really good things about Hale Farm.
    Sign up for The Knot. They have a list that helps you sort through what needs to be done, what to look for and they have a list of venues as well as forums where you can post.
    Also has some great info for weddings. I recently started reading that one.
    I know your probably not looking at photographers yet but I know when I was looking I would see a venue and was like wow I never thought about that as a venue. So maybe that can be a way to get some ideas.
    I could probably talk wedding stuff all day. To say I am obsessed is an understatement.

  5. I just got engaged in July and have been thinking about this very issue. We're looking to do a pig roast picnic style wedding and are trying to find some big outdoor space with a barn but it does seem like nothing is close enough to cleveland

  6. I must say that I love The Onion and that video is awesome!! haha As for the venue? That's so hard. I can't even begin to make suggestions! Good luck! If I had to do it all oevr again, i think I would have eloped! haha

  7. HAHA! My pleasure!

    I'm sure you guys will pic out the perfect place for you.

    We actually did two events...a small wedding ceremony at a forest in Kentucky where Julia's friend from home married us. We then went into town for a more formal dinner with bluegrass music and whoopie pies.

    In Ohio, we had a pig roast party...VERY informal. Jeans and all that.

    I'm sure you saw photos of each. :-)


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