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Love NYC!

Hello everyone!
I've been neglecting you lately and I'm here to fill you all in.

Remember this post? It's the one where I gave you my NYC wishlist and got some GREAT tips from all of you. (thanks!) We accomplished most things and added other fun stuff too. Here's an update.

1.Where we stayed: The Inn on 23rd was our B+B and it was fabulous! We lucked out and got their last available room. Super cute, fantastic hosts and a great location. I would definitely go back. 

2. What we ate: Every single bite of food we ate was absolute yumminess! Grimaldi'sLocanda VerdeGoodMomofuku's Ma Peche and Milk were amazing! I'll post more on the food later.
3. Where we went: So much to see, and never enough time! We accomplished most of our must-do's but not Eataly! Can you believe it? We had so much fun and are already planning a return visit so I'm totally OK with that. 

Times Square, Chrysler Building, 9/11 Memorial, Wall St., St. Patrick's Cathedral, the High Line, Top of the Rock, Brooklyn and Little Italy are just some of the places we went.

My favorite? Central Park. The rainy morning on Friday cleared up just in time for us to enjoy a beautiful stroll around the Pond. It's a magical oasis in the middle of skyscrapers. 
And it's extra special now because this is where Mark proposed!
my favorite souvenir
I was totally surprised and almost rendered speechless but of course said yes! 

I finally remembered to take a picture at the Top of the Rock...
It's been a whirlwind ever since! This week has been filled with telling our families and friends, parties, picking a date (next September!) and looking for a venue. 

So if you notice fewer posts - that's why! Stay tuned for more NYC details.


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like it was a perfect trip. What a wonderful place to propose!

  2. Wow that's perfect! Who knew what a life-changing trip New York would be (well, I guess Mark did)? :-)


  3. So happy for you! And in one of my favorite cities. :)

  4. How incredibly romantic. And a really great excuse for a NYC getaway from now on!!! Cheers to you both.

  5. I've always wanted to go to Central Park but never make it when I am in NY. But forget that, Congrats on the engagement!!!!!! Now I have someone else to gush with over wedding stuff!

  6. Congratulations! It sounds very romantic. I'm going to have to look into the B&B for my next trip. BTW, great photos. The pizza is bigger than your head!

  7. what an amazing engagement location!

  8. Love, love, love, LOVE! Awesome pictures - I especially love the one of you and the pizza... but my favorite is the "just engaged" pic - obviously! ;-)

  9. Congratulations! We were out that way also, but had family and other commitments that limited our eating out.

  10. Congratulations! We were also out in NY this weekend, but family and other commitments limited our eating out.

  11. I'm a little late to the party, but this was such happy news to read. It looks like your trip was wonderful, even before the extra special souvenir! And, now you have a built in excuse to return to the city frequently!


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