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Paladar Turns 5

Happy Birthday to Paladar!
And here's a nice little present for you too. TODAY you can get free guacamole and 1/2 off mojitos. Perfect for happy hour, girls night out, or date night with your sweetie.

I love their rum glazed pork cubano - I could eat that coconut mango rice every day! Their soft tacos are delicious too. But no visit would be complete without their sweet potato donuts ~ swoon!


  1. I agree. The Pork Cubano is the best thing on their menu, and it's all because of the coconut mango rice! You have great taste... :-)

  2. Coconut.Mango.Rice...


    Sign me up!

  3. agree on the coconut mango rice. This was a go-to spot when I worked over there on the east side too!

  4. Hi there! I'm with Paladar and I was so excited to see your post. Thanks for helping us spread word of our birthday bash!


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