Friday, October 26, 2018

Cocktails: A Special Halloween Punch Recipe from Punch Bowl Social

Punch Bowl Social is hosting a Witches and Warlocks themed Halloween Party. Dress up and head to the Flats East Bank on Saturday, October 27 from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. to join in the fun!
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There is a costume contest and the best overall costume will win a $50 gift card! Enjoy specialty Halloween punch, live DJ music and treats. Your favorites like The Knockoff Burger and the Lobster Bacon Fries can still be ordered from the menu all night. You can find more info on their Facebook page.
Orange is the New Black Sabbath Punch Recipe, Punch Bowl Social, Halloween punch
Punch Bowl Social’s special Halloween punch, “Orange is the New Black Sabbath,” will be served in honor of this spooky occasion. It’s a vibrant, citrusy and satisfying punch to enjoy at the party, or even make at home! Punch Bowl provided the recipe created by Amber Boutwell as a treat - so you can mix up your own batch for Halloween.

“Orange is the New Black Sabbath” Halloween Punch

Makes an 8-serving punch bowl


4 oz Agave nectar (we recommend Tres Agaves, otherwise dilute 2:1 agave and water)

6 oz Orange juice

12 oz Reposado tequila

16 oz Teakoe Orange Octane tea

8 oz Red wine

orange wheels, for garnish


Add all ingredients except wine to a large pitcher (at least 44 ounces). Stir all ingredients. Fill cocktail shaker halfway with the punch, add ice, and shake vigorously for seven seconds. Strain into a punch bowl. Then add fresh ice to properly fill the bowl. Pour red wine slowly around the edges of the bowl for the red wine float. Garnish with orange wheels.

Happy Halloween!

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