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Lunch at Chinato

One of the benefits to working downtown is always having somewhere fabulous to eat close by. I'm especially lucky because E. 4th Street is a very easy walk from my office. Maybe TOO easy!

Chinato is one of my favorites no matter what time of day it is. I'm super picky about pasta and they never disappoint. 

One of the best things about Chinato is that they will let you order two half portions of pasta instead of getting just one big plate. For someone like me who can never choose, this is a serious bonus.

Here's my latest combo:
restaurant, Cleveland, Italian
Col Buco with slow roasted pork shoulder
restaurant, pasta, Italian
Fettuccini carbonara
And because I have a huge sweet tooth, I couldn't resist this gorgeous orange-scented panna cotta.
dessert, Zack Bruell, Cleveland, restaurant
If you don't work within walking distance, make sure you take advantage of the parking discount program:

Pay for your parking at the Valet on E. 4th and they will validate you. Take your ticket back to the Valet to be reimbursed - you only pay $8 instead of the $15 or more. On Friday and Saturday evenings they have a Chinato-only valet on Prospect in front of the restaurant for $8.

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