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Locavore 2014 Event Recap

I recently attended Locavore - the National MS Society's annual fundraiser at Windows on the River. I hadn't been to this venue in a really long time and I was reminded of why people love to hold events here. The views were so pretty looking out over the Cuyahoga River! 
As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by a lovely appetizer display including a nice assortment of cheeses, fruits, veggies and meatballs.
They also had servers roaming the room offering up bruschetta, spanikopita and these really delicious bacon wrapped chicken bites.
We decided to stick with food before sampling the many wines since we hadn't eaten since lunch. There were a couple of savory dishes and four sweet treats to choose from. As usual, Jeff Jarrett of Amp 150's dish stole the show. His Variety of Corn, or Corn x 4, was so simple, yet so tasty. Corn puree, corn salsa, corn shoots and corn bread croutons made for one delicious dish.
  Chef Jeff Jarrett, Locavore
We were really excited to see what Urban Farmer had to offer and were not disappointed. Their sweet corn falafel with pastrami was a fun way to show off their house cured charcuterie.
Momocho's lamb and goat cheese albondigas were delicious meatballs in a savory sauce with a Mexican flair.
Jack Flaps SOS didn't LOOK very good but was an upscale version of a diner classic. I loved the addition of the slaw and the crunch it added.
The Driftwood Group showed off one of their newest additions, Bin 216. I haven't been to this restaurant yet so I was excited to try their dish. The pork belly steam bun was similar to those at Noodlecat and were delicious. 
Lilly's Homemade Chocolates was my favorite dessert of the night hands down. Amanda's chocolate is sublime and went really well with the wines. I may have snagged some for later...

Cupcakes by MS Cupcakes for a Cause - this 16 year old puts her baking skills where her heart is - all profits are donated to the MS Society. And they taste great!
I'm a HUGE ice cream fanatic but ice cream and wine aren't my favorite combo and three of the five choices were ice cream based. The Rail's Milkshakes were popular but I was secretly dying for one of the burgers.

Mitchell's ice cream and Sweet Spot gelato rounded out the desserts. Both were excellent as always. Mitchell's featured their delicious fresh peach ice cream - it's currently at the stores so if you haven't tried it get there soon. 
me and fellow bloggers:
 contest winner Kristian of Ohio Festivals and Bite Buff

There were too many wines to try them all. Our local wines have really improved in the past decade and there were a lot of delicious offerings. My favorites of the nice were from M Cellars. A Geneva new comer, their reds were great!

** Disclosure: I was provided 2 tickets to attend this event and two to giveaway on my blog. As always, all opions are my own. **

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  1. Great recap! And thank you for that pic of Momocho's sign. I definitely read it wrong, telling everyone they were Lamb and Alligator things...when, in fact, I had seen the "Albondigas" and COMPLETELY misread it. :-)

    Now I want a milkshake.


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