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Holiday Gifting - Shop Local, Shop American: The Cook

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to cook! And I love all sorts of gadgets, tools and anything kitchen related. This assortment will have the aspiring chef in your life looking forward to hitting the kitchen...and maybe you'll get to reap the rewards of a well cooked meal as a Thank You!

Globally Good® Silicone Baking Cups / Cupcake Liners - 12 Premium Reusable Muffin Molds in Storage Container are perfect for making cupcakes, muffins and single serve meatloafs too. I like to make bite size baked mac 'n cheese in them too. Yum.
Globally Good® Silicone Baking Cups
I have an electric can opener but I'm always grabbing my manual one instead. This one is a champ and will open the toughest of cans.
Every chef needs a great knife but it's also nice to have ones that you can use for a quick chop and toss in the dishwasher. This Rada Cutlery The Starter Knife Gift Set Part 2 is super cheap and durable. Plus, it's worth the price just for that cheese knife! 
If you like to make pizza at home, here's a few ideas:

This Amish Made 14" Wood Pizza Peel  is thick enough that it won't warp but the beveled edges make it slide under the pizza. We have so many local Amish communities, I'm sure you could find on the next time you take a trip.
This EXO Limited Edition Super Peel in Solid Cherry is a little fancier looking and includes a sliding pastry cloth belt that enhances the non-stick quality of the peel.

This Rada Pizza Stone, Peel and Pizza Cutter is such a great gift - it's just as nice as the more expensive Pampered Chef baking stones but it's also dishwasher safe!
If you prefer your pizza Chicago style, this Aluminized Steel Deep Dish Hard Anodized Pizza Pan is the way to go. It's made next door in Pittsburgh too.
For any Italian girl, a pizzelle maker is a must! This is the Classic - it great quality and will last forever. Add some Anise oil  or vanilla for an extra treat.
Made right here in Cleveland, a Vitamix  blender is on EVERYONE'S wish list. They are made so well, you can purchase a reconditioned unit without fear. Take advantage of the local outlets where you can also find cookbooks, containers and other accessories.
7500 side view
Another must have idea is a KitchenAid mixer . With colors to match any decor and a seemingly endless list of accessories, it really is the gift for everyone. If you know someone who has the mixer, get them a cool add on like the Attachment Pack #1 for a nice assortment or the Grain Mill for a quick way to make fresh flour, corn meal, etc. 
Pyrex is another company that makes a great product and is still manufacturing in the USA. These bowls are my absolute favorite for storage. They are perfect for taking food for lunch because the lids seal super tight and you don't have to worry about plastic in the microwave if you take off the lid. Plus, I love them for left overs because you can actually SEE what you have. They are also oven safe. Get rid of those crappy plastic containers - these are the upgrade you need!
But sometimes even the cook just wants to kick back and let someone else do the cooking for them! You can get a gift certificate for from Sowfood and give the cook in your life a break. For $115 they will get a whole week of meals. Call 440-622-5071 or email for details. 

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  1. I love all of these suggestions! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I would LOVE a Kitchenaid! Definitely my #1 dream kitchen gift :).


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