Friday, February 15, 2013

The Cute and Green Way to Tote

Are you trying to eat healthier this year? Do you pack a lunch? Or bring snacks to avoid fast food when you're on the go? If you are like me, I'm always toting snacks with me so I can eat better. But I hate having to use plastic baggies because they are so bad for the environment. I've found the perfect solution!

Re-Pac Bags are super cute, dishwasher-safe reusable bags that are sewn in the USA. They come in designs that are so cute you can even use them inside your purse to keep all your make up together or take them to the gym - perfect to keep your toiletries from leaking inside your bag.

Some of my favorites:

They have lots of cheerful solids
and even a camo print for the hunters out there.

Small snack sized bags are $6.95, medium sandwich sized bags are $7.95 and large quart sized bags are $8.95. They even have a gallon sized bag (wet bikini storage!) for only $9.95.
My friend Lisa turned me on to these and I absolutely love them. Right now there is a Living Social going on $22 of product for only $10 - you can click here to take advantage of the special deal. 

This is not a sponsored post - I just wanted to spread the word about a great product for a super price.


  1. I'm so glad you decided to spread the word about Re-Pac bags! I have a large collection of cloth bags- some from websites that help with "Green" living, others from Etsy or craft fairs. Re-pacs are my favorites, and the only source I've gone back to for more! The high quality zippers are key for me and my bags have worn very well.

    You've given me some great, new ideas for using these bags! I always have an issue with my shower loofah and hair towel being wet when I leave a hotel (I bring my own Twisty Towel with me, as my hair takes too long to dry without it.) I use these bags a lot on vacation for trail mix and granola and odds & ends. I never thought to designate a bag for wet items, but now I'll do just that.

    Re-pac also has really great customer service. I once had a problem that was caused by USPS and Re-pac really worked with me to find a fair solution for both of us.

    I have a multiple bags in every size and I've given these to my grandparents, parents & siblings as stocking stuffers for the last 2 Christmases. Yet I am still tempted to pick up a voucher with that Living Social deal you posted. Hmmm...

    1. They are a great value but with the Groupon, it's a steal! Glad to hear they are serious about customer service too.


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