Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beat the Heat with Smoothies

Today I'm taking over Becca's blog over at Peace, Love & Bagels as she is off enjoying being a newlywed. Congrats Becca and Brandon!

Becca's blog is a fun romp of healthy living and recipes. She is studying to be a yoga teacher so there's lots of fitness stuff on there too. She always has something fun and interesting on her blog so you should definitely check it out.

Becca is a lover a healthy smoothies and blogged about a great way to use up all the bountiful summer greens by making smoothie ice cubes ~ what a great idea! I make smoothies all the time but since the temperatures have been soaring it's been a daily must. I love starting off the day hydrated and full of fruits and veggies.

Check out my guest post here for my version of smoothies and some great tips on how to make them easy and affordable in just minutes.

You can follow Becca on Twitter @peacelovebagels

Stay cool kids!

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