Monday, October 17, 2011

Fishies Fishies Everywhere

I've heard about this really cool company called KickStarter all over the place and it really sounded awesome.  Basically, if you need cash for your company, organization, new record release or whatever, you can start a project on their site.  You need to meet certain guidelines for being a "creative project"  (Art, Comics, Dance, Design, Fashion, Film, Food, Games, Music, Photography, Publishing, Technology, and Theater) but they are open to many genres and ideas.  Then, people pledge to give you money only if you meet your fundraising goal.  The investment can be any amount you are able or willing to pledge.  It's an easy way to risk very little for an interesting, creative or life changing cause.

When I came across Fish Farm for Idora!, I knew this was the perfect project for me to back.  They are working with the Parkview Community Garden and enhancing food choices for low income families in Youngstown Ohio.  How are they doing it?  By building a fish farm!

What makes this a Must Do for this earth loving foodie?  

1. It's local.  People all over the world need help but I make a conscience decision to keep my money local if possible.  Ohio needs jobs - BAD!  I want to keep talent here in our state so we grow and improve.  Youngstown is in the CLE+, has lost tons of jobs and needs a boost.

2. It's creative - who would have thought that you can grow fish in an old building and parking garage in a blighted neighborhood?  Having this in the neighborhood would just have to inspire others.

3. It's green - thanks to a "zero discharge recirculating aquaponics system," solar heating of the water, rain barrels and skylights.  No big tanks of waste or stinky fly infested barns here!  Plus, they are re-using existing structures that would otherwise be vacant.  Eating fish that is farm raised responsibly also helps protect and save our oceans.  Overfishing of endangered and at risk species is a huge problem.

4. It's food - if you know me, you know I love food.  Especially locally grown organic food.  I love tilapia - it's mild and tastes great anyway you cook it.  This fits perfectly with my CSA and Farmer's Market food style.

5. It's tax deductible - this is not the reason I chose this venture, but it's an added incentive for investors.

Check it out for yourself. Invest if you can but either way, wish them luck for an inventive solution to bringing fresh food to the inner city.  And if fish farming isn't your thing, there are hundreds of other options.

*** Update: I am pleased to announce that they reached their fundraising goal!  A fish farm in Y'town is born! ***

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  1. sold! Was questioning the safety of this initially, but I've read enough arguments to be convinced this will be a safe project and not be a source of disease or sickness for consumers of the Tilapia. Indoor so little chance of introduction of foreign bacteria to the closed system, i.e animal waste.


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