Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend of the Pooka

This weekend was filled with so many choices for activities, fun and food I was having a hard time fitting it all in.  I had two bigger events: The Tremont Art and Cultural Fest (a tradition that I couldn't miss) and A Taste of Little Italy for the first time - plus an impromptu party at my house to keep me busy.  Luckily, I was able to squeeze in a little art fest with a funny name because it was so close to home.  I had to see for myself what a "Pooka" was.

The Bedford Art and Culture Board hosted Weekend of the Pooka to honor Bedford resident Richard Sedlon.  He was a painter, lithographer, sculptor and poet.  He is best known for his Pooka's - gnome like creatures that "inhabited" his garden while he was living at the Hezekian Dunham House that are featured in much of his work.
one of may Pooka's featured at the festival

Friday night the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra performed at the  Old Church on the Square.  I unfortunately missed this portion but I'm sure it was fantastic, especially in this location.
On Sunday, the weather was perfect and I was able to explore the festival.  There were artists selling their wares, many fun art related activities for children, and music in the gazebo.  They also had some sidewalk chalk art thanks to the Cleveland Museum of Art who was hosting their annual Chalk Festival this same weekend.  I found some funky necklaces that were a steal at $5.00 each!  One artist to check out is Kevin White.  He uses a computer to generate unique prints from his wheelchair - really cool stuff and an inspirational man.

Chalk art at Weekend of the Pooka

Bedford Commons with a view of the Old Church on the Square

Make and take art for kids
Rounding out the event were some special food vendors:  Fahreneheit, Catered Elegance and Oh Babycakes.  This was not your average fair food to be sure! I finally got to try Fahrenheit's potato nachos - delicious!  The Catered Elegance grills smelled amazing but I wasn't able to try anything because of the Taste of Little Italy later that same day.  Next time!

To find out more about the event or Richard Sedon's and his Pookas, click here.

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  1. Cool. Thanks for posting! Sounds like a cool time in Bedford.


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