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Taste of Hope

I love supporting a worthwhile cause and when it involves delicious food, wine and beer - it's a bonus! 

I've always been a huge supporter of Cornerstone of Hope.  They have helped many people that are very dear to me as well as countless others.  If you haven't heard of them, they are a grief support organization that is known for their specialized assistance for children.  It was founded by Mark and Christi Tripodi after their young son died from bacterial meningitis.  After enduring the unthinkable pain of losing a child, they wanted to help others who experience the same thing.  If you or someone you know has suffered the loss of a loved one, they are a great resource for all ages.

A Taste of Hope was advertised as a fundraiser for Cornerstone of Hope hosted by Chef Rocco Whalen of Fahrenheit and New York Life.  Great charity.  Excellent food.  It was a Must Do!

The benefit was held at the beautiful Cornerstone of Hope House in Independence.  It was a warm and inviting space that immediately felt welcoming.  As we descended the steps to the patio, we saw the Fahrenheit and Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery food trucks parked and getting ready for the night's event.  There were round tables decked out in fall colors and sunflowers but the night was unseasonably cool so we were hoping that there were more set up inside.

We were pleased to find that there were since we hadn't dressed for an outdoor event.  In addition to the wine bar and Indigo Imp Brewery table inside, there were several long tables loaded with appetizers and desserts.  Sound stand outs were the smoked pork sliders from Fat Casual BBQ and the curried chicken egg rolls.  We couldn't wait to see what the food trucks would be serving!

While we were enjoying the appetizers and beverages, we mingled with other guests and even found some friends that happened to be attending too (great minds think alike!)  There was a really cool room off to the side that was filled with arcade style video game where the silent auction was set up.  I bet this is a favorite spot for the kids that frequent Cornerstone.  Next to the steps leading upstairs there was a cozy area set up that felt like it was a secret hideaway.  With a funky mural and cozy pillows piled up, it would be a great place to escape and relax.

Fahrenheit served up some delicious food as usual.  My favorite was a panzanella-like salad of fennel, sweet red pepper, onion and bread cubes that was served with fried goat cheese balls.  What a perfect dish!  A close second was fried calamari with a spicy peanut sauce.  The calamari was so tender and the sauce gave it a nice zing.  The pizza was also excellent.
Panzanella salad, sushi, and pizza

We saw some other people eating sliders but never were able to get our hands on one to try it out.  They looked really good so we were disappointed. We consoled ourselves with some more wine, meatballs, cheese and raspberries and sushi from Sushi Rock.  They had a nice assortment of sushi including a beef roll stuffed with veggies.  

Bad pic of great food!
Clockwise from left - cheese with raspberries, cucumber salad, beef sushi, calamari and meatballs
Then we moved onto dessert!  I was happy to see a food truck that I had not heard about before.  Sweet Mobile Cupcakery had a tasty assortment of mini cakes: Wedding White, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Double Chocolate, and Salted Caramel Apple.  The hands down favorite for our group was the White Wedding - the hint of almond was just right.  I also really enjoyed the peanut butter frosting - the cupcake itself was an average chocolate creation but the frosting rocked.

From top: White Wedding, Peanut Butter Chocolate and Salted Caramel Apple
There was a table loaded with desserts inside but we never made it over to get a really good look and were too stuffed to even think about more food. 

We really enjoyed ourselves at the Taste of Hope.  We were surrounded by people who shared our affection for the charity and were treated to a great spread.    The Cornerstone of Hope has a variety of other fundraisers throughout the year.  Check out their website for details.

A special thanks to all the food and beverage vendors for donating their time and money for this worthwhile cause.  

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  1. I work at Cornerstone of Hope, and we loved your blog about our Taste of Hope event! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and description! Could you please contact us to let us know if you have any additional photos we may be able to use from the event?



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