Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chubby Cook Blogger Meetup

The past few months have been really busy and full of firsts.  I started my first blog.  Went to my first Tweetup.  And last week I added to that list by attending my first blogger meet up.  I was really looking forward to meeting some more fellow bloggers!

I was so impressed with the Ohio Blogging Association group!  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming.  There was a mix of experienced bloggers, newbies and even readers hoping to start their own blogs.  I enjoyed hearing about the different blogs, their inspirations and all the fun they have had with blogging.

The Chubby Cook hosted the OBA's monthly meetup.  Scott Groth is the chef owner and went out of his way to welcome us.  He made us an assortment of hearty appetizers that  had something for everyone.  One of my blogging friends Alicia of Poise In Parma works there and was a wonderful hostess.  Look at this spread!
Scott describing the tasty bites

Romesco with assorted cheeses, dry cured salami and dippers

Alicia's Mom's special chicken meatballs - amazing!
Pulled Pork w/ slaw

Brie and raspberry bites and hummus stuffed tomatoes
The Chef easily accommodates gluten-free folks  - here's a perfect example
Can't remember if this was olive tapenade or carmelized onions - I do know it was good!
After meeting and mingling we went back to the kitchen for the inside scoop.  What a kitchen!  I am SO jealous - I could really cook up a storm in there!!  Scott explained how they order fresh food weekly with an emphasis on local and organic if possible.  He did admit to stocking Miracle Whip though - some things you just can't make for yourself!  He said that he can whip up all sorts of special requests (gluten-free, vegan - the works!)

This kitchen is not only well-suited for food prep for large events, it's also high tech and perfect for hands-on cooking classes.  I'm sure the classes would be a blast because the staff is fun, hard-working and damn good cooks!  They seem to be like a family instead of a business.  I'm sure that loving feeling is enhanced by Alicia's mom Michele being part of the team too.

Yeah, I want this!  Pot filler faucet and it boils water lickety split!

In addition to all the great food, someone has a bun in the oven!  Congrats Katie!  Obviously she is newly pregnant but look at that glow!

The Chubby Cook is a great new local business that is worth checking out.  Stop by for lunch or pick up take-away food for dinner.You can even purchase discounted frozen dinners to take home - and trust me - they won't be mistaken for those gross little plastic containers of yuck they have at the grocery store.

Oh - another first!  I tried the freshly squeezed green juice and LOVE IT!  Normally I hate hate hate it but this stuff blew me away!  So fresh and it felt like I drank a super charged vitamin.  I am hooked.  Trying it should be a Must Do for everyone who finds themselves in the Beachwood area.

What a great evening!  I'm looking forward to getting to hang out w/ my blogging friends again!

Photo thanks to Katie!
You can read more recaps about the event here:


  1. :) ahhhhhh i feel so famous with my picture on your blog! Cant wait to come to next month's event!

  2. :) ahhhhh i feel so famous with my picture on your blog! Cant wait for next month's event!

  3. Those pulled pork sandwiches look amazing. Great job!


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