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Campfire Cocktail

This year more than ever, we are celebrating at home. We've been social distancing by having outdoor birthdays, dinners and happy hours in our backyard where we can safely socialize with friends and family. 
Look at this cute set up!
If you are celebrating at home, here's a delicious cocktail to serve around the fire pit. It tastes like a marshmallow, but isn't too sweet. And it's healthy-ish thanks to the non-dairy milks used.
I like to make the cocktails ahead of time in individual Mason jars and place them in a cooler full of ice so guests can just grab one and shake it up themselves. You can also make this in a pitcher for easy serving.
Campfire Cocktail 

2 oz Buckeye Vodka 
1 oz coconut milk
1 oz vanilla almond milk

Graham crackers

Melt chocolate and place on plate. Crush graham crackers and place on separate plate. Dip martini glass in chocolate to completely coat the rim, then dip in graham crackers. Set aside. Toast marshmallow.

Place all ingredients in 1 pint mason jar or cocktail shaker. Shake well. Either serve directly out of the jar or pour into martini glass. Garnish with marshmallow.

Thank you Buckeye Vodka for asking me to share this recipe and for providing the ingredients! They are an Ohio company that I love supporting.  The vodka is filtered 10x and is really smooth. It tastes great and the price is affordable.