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Chutney B Restaurant

Doug Katz's fast casual eatery at the Van Aken District is a winner.

The menu is small but delicious. Everything is pre-made so it's served up super fast. I
t's the perfect spot for a fast and tasty lunch. 

There are vats of the three hot dishes (Yellow Curry, Indian Masala and Moroccan Harira (a vegan lentil and squash stew) that can be topped with various proteins (masala beef meatballs, miso glazed tofu or curry chicken).
The food is flavorful and everything gluten-free. Vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers alike will all find something delicious on the menu.
I had the Yellow Curry with Meatballs over rice and it was delicious. The Zhug (green spicy sauce) gives it just the right kick. My co-worker had a Cold Thai Rice Noodle Salad with Peanut Sauce. The peanut sauce is excellent.
They also offer an assortment of gluten-free sweets such at cookies and cakes.

It's located in the Van Aken District Market Hall, so once you order and receive your food, you can sit anywhere in the building or outside on picnic tables.

My only complaint is the cost. Bowls without protein are $10 and the protein elevates the cost to $14 (yikes!) for considerably less food than you get at other fast-casual places. For this reason, it will be an occasional treat instead of a weekly routine.