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Jam with Ball

I had only made jam once before many years ago so I was really excited to be selected to host a Jam with Ball® House Party - what a perfect excuse to try again! I was a bit nervous because canning seems a little scary thanks to all of the hot water and food safety concerns, but I assembled six of my awesome friends to tackle this challenge together. Not only did we have a blast - the jam turned out great! 
As a party host, I was sent a gift pack of everything we would need to make the jam except the fruit and pectin.
I received a canner, jam sized jars and lids, a funnel, tongs, a recipe, recipe cards, and coupons. Ball jars are a classic for a reason. The many shapes and sizes ensure that you have the perfect fit. We all loved the cute little jars for our jam.

We used a combination of strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries for our jam. We cleaned and chopped eveything and then started making the jam. We were worried because I couldn't find the pectin specified in the recipe anywhere and had to substitute another kind. I used the reduced sugar version, we adjusted the recipe a bit, and it actually worked!

The jars all sealed perfectly too. I loved how the recipes and canner instructions both explained how to tell if the process worked. For a group of newbies, we really needed the guidance.

We made strawberry-rhubarb jam in addition to the mixed berry recipe that was provided. Both were delicious but the strawberry-rhubarb stole the show.
Once we got the hang of it, it was really easy! And it actually wasn't scary at all...just messy! I would definitely recommend making jam if you have never tried. Here's a video that shows how easy it is.
We of course had lots of delicious snacks like this amazing baked cheese.

Next time I want to make labels for an extra sweet touch. And to get a selfie stick so I can get a better group shot! ha ha
Thanks Ball and Ripple Street for a fantastic party!!

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