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Farewell 2018, There's a New Year in CLE

Happy New Year!

I'm not going to tell you to make resolutions that include dieting, breaking any bad habits, starting a new exercise routing or cleaning out your closets. I will however urge you to find the pleasure in simply joys, extend kindness to other and appreciate those you love. 
new year, Buffy, family photo
So happy Buffy is around to celebrate with us!
Another recommendation is to give yourself the ability to be spontaneous. Avoid over-scheduling because those last minute, spur of the moment plans are where the magic happens.
Thai Thai, Lakewood restaurant, Cleveland Foodie Girl
We had no plans for New Years Eve until the night before. Yep, really. But we weren't stressed about it because we are not the people who feel the need to go out and get crazy on the last day of the year. (we have enough craziness throughout the year - ha!) 
happy new year, new years eve, 2018, Thai Thai
Check out that GIANT bottle of champagne I got from Trader Joes!
But when our dear friend Kiwi invited us to a special dinner after hours at Thai Thai, we jumped at the chance! It sounded perfect. And you know what? It was even better than we imagined!

Kiwi and her parents opened up their restaurant and their hearts to us. They treated us like family. And cooked up one hell of a feast for everyone!
thai food, Thai Thai, spring rolls, meatballs, Lakewood Ohio, restaurant
Spring rolls, meatballs, chicken and duck with sauce so good we wanted to drink it.

Incredible Papaya Salad - SO spicy but SO good
The BEST soup - OMG I'm still dreaming of this! Beef and tripe in some sort of magical broth.

This is a perfect example of why blogging means so much to me. While I've have a million great experiences and some amazing opportunities, the thing I cherish the most is the people I've met through blogging and social media. And those of you that I haven't met yet who keep on reading, commenting and sharing really brighten my days.

If that wasn't enough, we ended the night at my hubby's lifelong friend's house for an awesome house party that included some of his our dearest friends. One of our friends has been battling cancer for the past year and celebrating with her was such a blessing. Another friend who now lives in California surprised everyone by showing up. And my two adorable nieces even made an appearance.
The next day there were more parties with family and friends. I absolutely did not want the holidays to end! But now we're back to reality...until next year.
As we kick off 2019, remember to embrace Every.Single.Day. I wish each and everyone of you a happy, healthy and of course delicious new year. Thanks so much for being a part of my life. Each and everyone of you makes the magic happen over here in this little corner of the internet.