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Top 5 Things to do in CLE this Fall

And just like that it feels like fall in NEO! But thankfully we still have a few weeks of summer left. I'm not ready to give up my sandals yet! But the cold snap and rain definitely got me started thinking about fall. I even made a giant pot of chili, and from all the social media posts, it seems like a lot of you did too.
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And I also noticed that some of you are already in full fall mode drinking pumpkin spice lattes, wearing boots, and decorating with leaves and pumpkins. Others, like me, are clinging to the last drops of summer. But whenever you are ready to dive into fall, here are some of my favorite activities. Pick one. Do them all. But make sure you take advantage of one of the best seasons in CLE.

Top 5 Things to do in CLE this Fall

1. Pick apples

I've been going to Monroe Orchards since I was a kid. Check out Quarry Hill Orchards for their huge variety of apples too.

2. Take a pie making class

Get ready for the holidays and perfect your pie-making game. Annie's Signature Sweets has lots of delicious interactive classes that will make your pie the star of the dessert table. If sweets are your thing, you can also sign up for a pretzel making class. I'm doing just that in a few weeks and will definitely be sharing all the details.
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3. Go tailgating

I'm a complete wimp so the fall is the only time I'll tailgate outdoors. There's nothing like gathering with 2,000 of your favorite friends in a parking lot, eating and drinking and hoping for a win. Whether you prepare a gourmet feast or just grab some snacks and beer, it's guaranteed to be a blast.  If you haven't been tailgating, this is your year to change that. And who knows, the Browns may actually win a game this year!
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4. Have a bonfire

This is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I can't resist the lure of a campfire. We regularly have Campfire Dinner Parties so I can make as many fires as possible. Grab some hot dogs and a stick or your pie iron and dinner is served in minutes. Everything tastes better cooked over a fire. My absolute favorite is pizza pies. If you need some inspiration, check out this cookbook.

5. Go for a hike and have a picnic

On foot is the best way to enjoy the shift of the season. You can get a close up view of all the flowers, animals and trees. Plus there's nothing like the crunch of leaves under foot. Grab a blanketlinger over a picnic and soak up the crisp air and sunshine...while it lasts.

What's your favorite fall activity?