A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.

5 Things Friday

1. Last Friday we visited on of my favorite off-the-radar spots. I'm almost temped to keep it to myself but I don't want to be selfish. The London Pickleworks has a goofy name and is in hard to find spot, but it's been around forever. The McPickle is a Must Do for sure. It's a much tastier version of a Big Mac and it really hits the spot. I discovered a new favorite - The Hot Pickle. It's a big dill pickle sliced into rounds and served with jalepenos and Ritz crackers. I know it sounds weird, but it's SO good. And it's only $1.75. Deal alert!
2. Both Buffy and I got our hair done. I'm so thankful that my groomer is so sweet because as Buffy gets older, she is SO bad when it comes to grooming. I give her a bath at home to reduce the stress on all of us. The joys of having a senior pet. But doesn't she look CUTE?

Yes, she is way cuter than me!
3. We went to Masthead's One Year Anniversary Can Release Party. Their pizza is soooo good!!! My favorite beer was the Barrel Aged Tiramisu Underverse - fantastic!
4. Sunday I had tea at Coquette Patisserie with The Mexitalian. The food was gorgeous and delicious! It wasn't as elaborate as tea at The Ritz or other similar places but we had a great afternoon catching up.
5. Feeling nostalgic thanks to a visit at Abuelo's - this is where Mark and I went on our 2nd date so it will always hold a spot in my heart. Happy to report it's as delicious as always! They are having a Fajitas for Two Valentine's Deal that you can take advantage of 2/8 - 2/14.

And two more because this week was that good!

6. Celebrating my dear friend Kerry's 50th birthday with tons of appetizers and amazing homemade cookies. She even had a hot chocolate bar. If you're going to turn 50, you might as well do it in style!
7. And lucky #7 - we got our plane tickets for a trip to California this summer. We're heading to the LA are to celebrate Mark's cousin's 70th birthday and we can't wait! We'll be visiting some new wineries, sightseeing and exploring in addition to attending the huge bash.

Hope you had a great week! TGIF!