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5 Things Friday

Five little things that made me happy this week.

1. Buffy - I honestly think she's always at the top of the list. This little nugget is more precious with every passing day. 
2. Braving the storm to go see my favorite Johnny Cash tribute band. The weather was frigid but the music was hot! If you like Johnny Cash, definitely catch one of these shows.

3. The annual #CookerGirlSupperClub Soup Party. Nothing is cozier than gathering with friends and slurping a bunch of delicious soup.
The craziest soup of the night was Julie's Split Pea Soup with Grilled Hot Dogs and Hot Dog Bun Croutons. Sounds weird but it actually was quite good! The hot dogs added the same salty savoriness as the ham normally would. So fun!
Yes, we have more than soup.
Sarah's homemade french bread is always a HUGE hit! Plus she send everyone home with a loaf. 
4. Trying King Cake for the first time! We were very lucky to have Sarah's brother in attendance at the soup party. He brought a taste of his former home of New Orleans to the table and it was delicious!
5. Bar 32 for a complimentary blogger social. This bar at the top of the Hilton offers unbelievable views, great cocktails and tasty appetizers. We loved seeing the frozen lake - it's so pretty from above. When it's warmer, they open up the open air patio. Swoon. Make sure you ask them to validate your valet parking for a reduced rate.

And one more bonus - I finally bought my domain name! Can't believe it took me almost 7 years to do this. Thankfully nobody else bought it while I was farting around! So as of yesterday, I am officially Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the blog this year.

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