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#CLEfood: Thai Thai

I love Thai food and am always looking for a  new place to try. So I was happy to see a new place pop up in my Instagram feed. The pictures of food looked delicious so we decided to check it out.
Eat*Drink*Cleveland: Thai Thai restaurant in Lakewood review

Thai Thai is a tiny (and I mean TINY) family owned restaurant in Lakewood right by Angelo's Pizza. There are a handful of tables and they have a booming take out business. 
Eat*Drink*Cleveland restaurant review of Thai Thai in Lakewood, OH

Bangkok Street Food is the style of food they serve but you can still find many of your favorites on the menu including Pad Thai, Tom Kha soup, Kao Pad (fried rice), curries and mango sticky rice. They also serve Bubble Tea. Oh and nothing on the menu is over $12. (gotta love tasty cheap eats!)

As usual, I wanted to order everything but limited myself to two things. I'm still kind of sad about that!

First was a Thai Egg Roll. It was good, I but was kicking myself that I didn't try the North East Sausage after someone at another table ordered it. Next up was one of my all-time favorites ~ Larb. This version of the ground meat salad is made with chicken, chili peppers, onion, lime, cilantro and roasted ground rice. I was so happy to see that they actually served it with rice (regular white rice instead of the customary sticky rice) but other Thai restaurants in Cleveland skip this so I was thrilled. I prefer my Larb with pork but it was delicious. If you think this dish sounds weird and have never tried it, you should! It has a ton of flavor. And if you want to be carb-free, skip the rice.

Food at Thai Thai
Massaman curry on top, larb and North East Sausages on the bottom
My hubby got his usual Massaman Curry. We both liked how is was served in a bowl instead of a platter - better to scoop up the delicious sauce! The chicken was tender and the sauce had a lot of flavor and just a tiny bit of heat. 

Some other items I wanted to order besides the sausage were the Roasted Duck Noodle Soup,Fried Meatballs on a Stick, Gai Yang (chicken on a stick), papaya salad and the Green Curry. Next time! 

Our waitress was Kiwi, the owner's daughter. She is friendly, helpful and absolutely adorable. She is the girl behind the Instagram account too. When we were talking to her after our meal, she mentioned they had her Mom's homemade hot sauce available. Be sure to look to the right of the cash register because there was a whole assortment of sauces and hot pepper that you can use to enhance your meal. She gave us a to-go cup of the sauce since we missed it initially and it was amazing. I will not make the same mistake the next time I go!
Thai Thai restaurant in Lakewood homemade hot sauce

They are located at 13737 Madison Ave. in Lakewood. You can also find Thai Thai at the Asian Night MarketFollow them on Facebook and Instagram.