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Snack Attack - shop online to save money on snacks for your desk or on the go

Before I tell you about how I get my favorite snacks at bargain prices, check to see if you are the winner of my giveaway for tonight's Harvesting Hope

If you are like me, you love to shop online. It's super convenient and every time a package arrives it's like a little celebration. Plus, there are no lines and a lot more selection. 
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I just recently discovered the joys of shopping online for food. (why did it take me so long?!) You can get unique items not available at your local stores and if you shop carefully, you can even save a bunch of money!

My favorite food to buy online is snacks. Everybody loves to munch but those trips to the vending machine really add up. 

Here are some of my favorite snacks available online for a bargain. 

Happy Snacking!

These babies are one of my favorites, and I normally can't be trusted with them. These 2 cookie packs are perfect for a sweet treat and keep me from eating the whole bag. Keep a stash at your desk for that afternoon coffee break.

Milano dark chocolate cookies $9.39 

Coconut water is one of our staples. It's so refreshing and is great for rehydrating. We went through cases of this stuff when we were moving. 

VitaCoco - only $13.98 for a 12 pack online.

Move over Nutela - there's a new kid in town! And it comes in handy packets that you can squeeze directly into your mouth easily take with you. No knife needed. It's also perfect for your backpacking and road trips.

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut spread $10.70 for a pack of ten.

Another staple are these individually wrapped Twizzlers. The stay fresh longer and they are so easy to grab and go.

Twizzlers $5.24 for 105 pieces.

Instead of paying $1.00 a bag in the vending machine, get this variety pack of pretzels instead and save big.

Snyder's of Hanover $11.39 for 36.

Oh man are we obsessed with these snack mixes! And I absolutely LOVE this variety pack. Because every flavor is So.Damn.Good.

Sahale Grab and Go  $23.90 for 12 packs.

Perfect for Fall and beyond, this hot chocolate is crazy good. It takes care of those chocolate cravings and warms you up. Perfect for when the office a/c is cranking. And it comes in Caramel and Mocha flavors too. Get one of each, you'll thank me later.

Ghirardelli hot cocoa $3.95 per bag.

Especially if you are flying, this is the perfect grab and go snack that will save you a bunch of money and is actually very satisfying. It even includes dessert. This one is healthier and still really delicious too. Wouldn't you rather use that extra cash on cocktails or a great souvenir?

GoPicnic $3.91

The Ginger People Gin Gins Chewy Ginger Candy 4-Flavor Variety: One 2 lb Assorted Bag of Original, Peanut, Hot Coffee, and Spicy Apple

I always have these ginger chews on hand. They pack a lot of flavor plus they are a great alternative to Tums if your tummy is upset. The flavors are SO hard to find in the store. My favorite flavor is the peanut but they are all really good. 

Ginger People Gin Gins variety pack $13.49 for 1 lb.

Last but certainly not least is one of my all time favorite chips - Doritos Nacho Cheese. I only buy these if we're having people over because I will eat the whole damn bag. This party size bag is surprisingly hard to find in the store but is necessary if I intend to share.

Doritos Party Size Nacho Cheese $3.06

What is your favorite snack?