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Garlic Fest 2015

As we walked up to Shaker Square, the smell of garlic was in there air. Thankfully the weather improved on Sunday and the cold and rain were gone.
It was a beautiful crisp fall day and everyone was soaking up the sun, sampling garlic flavored treats, listening to music and shopping. 
The chef demo tents were packed with people eager to learn a new recipe and score free samples. For the first time, Mitchell's had some competition because Piccadilly Creamery was fresh mixing their delicious ice cream at the fest this year. (for the record, both are soooo good ~ try both!)
A great addition was the cheese guild and craft beer tent. I found this new coffee that reminded me of the Stumptown Nitro cold brew in NYC. 46 and 2 Brewing hop infuses their cold brew, but this one was of course infused with garlic in honor of the festival.
2015 CLE Garlic Fest Eat*Drink*Cleveland
One of my favorite things this year was Glenn Mittler, The Bubble Guy. And the kids loved him too. It was amazing to see all the different types of bubbles he could make but this huge was was the most impressive.
As usual, the Garlic Festival was one of my favorite festivals of the year. If you attended, what was your favorite thing? Did you discover a new variety of garlice or a new way to cook it?

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