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Grind Burger

Update: Grind Burger has closed.

There's a new burger in town! 
Grind Burger recently opened in Highland Heights near Richmond Mall. In an area devoid of many dining options, it's a great addition to the neighborhood. It's got funky light fixtures...
these are wine glasses!
 and a cozy lounge and bar area...
  and tasty cocktails. They also have a decent craft beer list and full bar.
Gingerita and Not So Jalepeno
In a sea of burger joints, what makes Grind Burger special? They start with
Certified Angus Beef. Then they double grind it for extra flavor and freshness. They even have a window so you can see the grinding action up close and personal.

So that sounds interesting, but what about taste? With the slogan "Perfection is Messy," they had a lot to live up to. Happily, they didn't disappoint. Big juicy burgers with interesting and fun toppings are sure to please all the burger lovers out there. Combine that with crazy good starters, tasty sides, amazing pickles and a mile long milkshake list and you've got a winning combination.

We started with hot dog sliders ($9 for three) - the deceptively boring sounding Stadium Mustard with Relish was by far the stand out dog. A split buttered Chicago style bun and homemade relish made this a taste sensation.
The Sauerkraut balls ($8) were highly anticipated and exceeded our expectations. These huge homemade balls of sauerkraut, beef and sausage are a Must Do! My only suggestion: serve them with horseradish sauce or a spicy mustard instead of ranch.

Next up were the burgers. We chose the Aria (garlic cheese, fried pickles, smoked bacon and 1000 island dressing) because who can resist a burger with fried pickles on top?? Not this girl! You can even order a side of these tasty bites as a side.
And the Burrata (burrata cheese, raspberry reduction and arugula.) Loved the raspbery reduction so much I would have loved an extra little dish of it on the side. Really good especially with the peppery bite from the arugula. 
We had to remind the kitchen about an order of the hand cut house fries and were glad we remembered to ask - these were hot, crispy and delicious. Next time I'm ordering the truffle fries for sure.

So by now, we were all stuffed but they wanted us to try a milkshake so... we all really suffered and sacrificed and somehow managed to give in and try them. Yeah, it really wasn't that hard! Especially with flavors like Kit Kat, Salted Caramel, Monkey Business, S'more What? and Maple Bacon Happiness on the menu.

I tried the Bananas Foster and loved it. Thankfully they gave us to go cups because I didn't want to waste a single sip or chunk of banana. Pro Tip: Order the Cookies and Cream milkshake because it comes with a deep fried Oreo. Really. This is a genius idea for a menu item! It wasn't available during our visit but it's definitely a Must Do for our next trip.

Grind Burger definitely isn't the cheapest burger around. The burgers range from $8 for the Easy Peazy (lettuce, tomato and mayo) and top out at $15 for the Wagyu (fontal cheese, sauteed mushrooms and mayo.) But the burgers are larger than those found at B Spot, use top quality ingredients and have a lot of interesting flavor combinations to choose from. 

Which burger would you want to try?

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* Disclosure: I was invited along with a guest (my awesome sister-in-law Jen!) to preview the restaurant. Food was provided and we paid for our own drinks. As always, the opinions and ideas expressed in this blog are my own. *

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