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Winner, Winner - Garlic Fest 2014!

Happy Monday everyone!
It's especially happy for a couple of you. I'm wrapping up the giveaways from last week and am excited to announce the winners. 

To start off the winner of the Bonefish gift card is Brian Musick -  #17 was his lucky number.
And the very lucky winner of the Taste of the Browns tickets is #68: Mindy Collier Rodgers! In one week, she'll be one happy Browns fan no matter what happens on the field on Sunday. Congrats to both of the winners!

Did you go to the Cleveland Garlic Festival this past weekend?  It's always one of my favorite festivals because I love garlic and there's lots of it there. The garlic fries alone are worth the trip. Sow Food serves them with delicious garlic aioli and a touch of fresh parsley. Perfection.
This little cutie loved his fries too
This year I found two garlic items to try.  First up was garlic beer from the Brew Kettle.  They infused their Black Rajah with lots of fresh garlic.  It was interesting but I'm glad I opted for a taste instead of a full pour.
My second find was a taste sensation: garlic donuts from DonutLab. Yum!!  I asked for the addition of a sprinkle of powdered sugar on top along with the parmesan cheese and that was the perfect touch for a sweet and savory combo. 
As always, you could find me in the chef demo tent. I especially love the chef competitions. I only saw the pork one this year and didn't snag a single sample due to the crazy long lines. I'm sure it was a tough call for the judges because everything looked really good.
Sterle's Jimmy and his helper Hungry Bee's Kimberly


  1. Will have to catch you there next year (the fries look incredible). Between the drive, Max's naptime and other stuff, I wasn't sure if I would be able to make it.

  2. Ithank you!! It's going to be a great evening!


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