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Walnut Wednesday

One of the things I was most excited about working downtown was the ability to go to Walnut Wednesday. When you don't work downtown, it's nearly impossible to attend because of the drive time downtown, the need to find (and pay for) parking and the amount of time spent in line waiting for food. 
For a downtown worker who is a lover of food trucks, it's a little slice of midweek heaven. I'm so glad I finally went to my first, and it won't be my last!

If you've never eaten at a food truck, it's a great chance to have a HUGE variety of trucks all in one place. There's something for everyone - old world sausages, vegan feasts, Indian, Mexican, Cajun, Asian, good ol' BBQ and everything in between is featured. And they even have desserts galore (ice cream, cupcakes, gourmet frozen pops and hot donuts!!!) and fresh squeezed lemonade.

I had a hard time deciding but finally chose Get Stuffed Solar Powered Mobile Eatery. Their stuffed corn was just too tempting to pass up. It's a tasty mix of corn, mexican spices, green onions and sour cream. I'll definitely be making a version of this at home with fresh roasted corn off the cob and some queso fresco. I also tried the potato sundae - mashed potatoes topped with cole slaw, pulled pork, nacho cheese and grape tomatoes standing in for the cherries on top. Delicious and very filling. They get bonus points for being solar powered too.
It was a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back. Here's some pro tips for making the most of your visit:

  • Go early - the vendors start serving at 11:00 and lines get long quick.

  • Get dessert first and eat it while you wait in line. I got Mason's Creamery Peanut Butter S'mores ice cream - to die for! It made the wait in line a lot better.

  • Divide and conquer. If you and your friends want food from different trucks, each person gets all the food wanted from each truck. That way you each only have to wait in line once.

  • Don't wear white pants. You'll likely be sitting on a planter or bench and don't want to go back to work with a dirty butt.

Here's the 411 from the Downtown Cleveland Alliance website:

Walnut Wednesday 2014
Dates: Each and every Wednesday
   May 7th - September 24th
Musical Guests: 
   Live music from local bands presented by CBS Radio
Location: East 12th and Walnut
   Perk Plaza at Chester Commons
Time: Lunch time!
Trucks begin serving at 11:00am and they're out there 
for hungry workers through 1:30pm

Follow the DCA on Facebook or Twitter to find out who will be there each week. Be there... or be hungry!

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  1. I miss Walnut Wednesdays! It was one of (many) perks of working downtown :) I tried Mason's Peanut Butter Smores ice cream today at Cleveland Flea - so good!


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