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Where's the (Certified Angus) Beef?

Are you one of those people who only eats boneless skinless chicken breasts? While those certainly are convenient, they don't really excite me. You know what DOES excite me? A juicy burger or a great steak. Especially if you add some bacon...
If you are a beef lover like me, you've likely heard of Certified Angus Beef. When I saw that on a menu or at the grocery store, I assumed I was getting a quality product. But that's all I knew. 

Then the nice folks at the Certified Angus Beef headquarters invited me to visit them and learn about their product. I really learned a lot! 

The Certified Angus Beef brand is the non-profit arm of the American Angus Association. The brand is a cut above USDA Prime, Choice and Select. Beef must pass 10 quality standards to earn the Certified name. What does that mean to you? The meat is consistently young and well marbled which results in a tender, juicy cut of beef.

The biggest thing I didn't know about Certified Angus Beef (CAB) is that the national headquarters is right here in Ohio! The quaint town of Wooster, OH is the home of the CAB Education & Culinary Center - a gorgeous building with a killer show kitchen, dining area, bar, prep kitchen and custom butchery area. They occasionally offer cooking classes that are well worth the drive. 
Bizarre Foods even filmed an episode there:
How did I not know this place existed literally in our backyard?? 

Stay tuned for more about the amazing Certified Angus Beef Weekend in Wooster. They wined us and dined us and blew us away with their knowledge, friendliness and desire to educate. You're going to want to make the trip to Wooster for sure. 

Follow CAB on Facebook and on Twitter @CertAngusBeef. You can order CAB online - click here.

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