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Valentine's or Galentine's - Tea Hits the Spot

I'm sitting here today snuggled up on the couch with a cup of tea. The flowers my hubby got me for Valentine's Day are still fresh and gorgeous and I'm feeling all in love like every newlywed should.
But as much as I love and adore my husband, boys can't replace girlfriends in your life. There's nothing like a great friend to gossip and giggle and solve the problems of the world with.

This year, I decided to have a Valentine's Day Tea for some of my besties to let them know how much I love them and that even though I'm an old married lady now, they will always be my girls. Every women needs to celebrate Galentine's Day!

The weather reports sounded treacherous but thankfully it turned out to be way better than expected. It actually turned out to be sunny after the morning snow.
Even though it was a tea, we got the party started with some bubbles! Pink moscato champagne with a splash of pomegranate juice was a festive and delicious way to kick off the afternoon.
Then we moved on to the tea.
We started out with some gorgeous jasmine blooming tea because everyone needs some flowers on Valentine's Day.

First up -  savories.
The cucumber sandwiches were enhanced with fresh dill and lemon. So refreshing - they were definitely the big hit of the day. (Pro tip: Give yourself a lot of time to make these. They aren't hard to make but are time consuming. Keep them from drying out by covering them with a damp tea towel.) 
The chunky chicken salad included grapes, chopped apples and walnuts. Dried cherries or cranberries would add another pop of red for the occasion.
Potato leek soup was perfect for the wintery day. Piping hot and creamy it really hit the spot.

Lots of sweets filled out the menu. The trio of heart cookies were too cute!
Elisabeth got the promised bonus points for making homemade heart-shaped linzer cookies. She is one talented baker! Ricotta tarts that were like eating bite sized cannoli and a trio of tea breads were a hit.

We had scones too but somehow, no photographic proof!
Buffy didn't like her obstructed view of the festivities so we made room for her - how could we resist?
The afternoon was a great way to catch up with girlfriends! And we were all talking about that this should be an annual event!

If fact, I had so much fun with my friends, I decided to invite my family over for tea a few days later. My two aunties and uncle came over and we feasted and chatted and had so much fun.
More champagne cocktails of course were required.
We added deviled eggs with bacon to the finger sandwich selection. And let's just say, they were a great addition!
We also had some tea biscuits in honor of my Texas auntie who couldn't be with us. Some did get shipped to her though so she could have her own tea party.
How cute are those smooching pups? Perfect for the Valentine's Day theme.
And this pup even got her own heart shaped doggie treat for the occasion. Buffy isn't spoiled at all right?

If you've always wanted to host a tea but haven't, don't be intimidated, just do it! It can be a fancy or simple as you want. The most important thing is gathering friends and family and enjoying each other's company.