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The Great Big Home & Garden Show Giveaway!

**Click here to see my favorite garden and some pictures from this year's show. **
Oh my gosh I'm beyond sick of the freezing weather and snow! Sub-zero wind chill and mountains of drifting snow are starting to make me want to get outta town. I'm sure that most of you are feeling the same way. 

While a tropical vacation isn't in the cards anytime soon for most of us, one of my favorite ways to fake it is to head to the Great Big Home + Garden ShowThe Great Big Home + Garden Show takes place Saturday, Feb. 8 – Sunday, Feb. 16 at the Cleveland I-X Center, and features more than 650 exhibitors showcasing the best tips and techniques in cooking, gardening, home improvement and more.

This year they've added a unique twist that I'm really excited about! My favorite part about the show is the Feature Gardens. This is where local companies design special gardens that all relate to an annual theme. This year's theme? Local restaurants! Seriously, this is a perfect pairing in my book! Sushi RockFahrenheit, Fiore's Italian SteakhouseHodgesDistrict, Ironwood Cafe, Great Lakes Brewing, La Dolce Vita, Shooters, Wally Waffle and Antonio's Pizza will all be featured. Feb. 10th and 11th from 4-8pm there will be samples at special tasting events in the gardens.

The Garden Showcase area is also full of spring blooms that will help you forget about the piles of snow outside. And it always smells so good.
And speaking of smelling good, they also have The Loretta Paganini Cooking Stage where you can watch local chefs whip up deliciousness: pasta, polenta, cookies favors, spring vegetable side dishes, sensational soups and more!
Emily Ellyn from the Food Network's "Next Food Network Star" and "Cupcake Wars" will be demonstrating Recipe Remodeling - a DIY approach to dinner with Retro Rebuilds and Leftover Makeovers. 

And there's lots of gardening and remodeling events and special guests as well. 
You can get Down and Dirty with Ahmed Hassan Feb. 8th and 9th and Frank Fritz will be on the main stage on the 15th. There are so many presentations and guest speakers, there's really something for everybody. If you're a dog lover you won't want to miss the Q10-4 Legged Fashion Show on 2/15 at 5pm. Click here for the complete schedule. 

And until the weather breaks, you can work on making your basement look like this

Seriously, it really IS a dream basement! Now all it needs is a dance floor...

You can purchase your tickets for the show online for $11 by clicking here. Use promo code EDCLEVE to save $1 per ticket. 

If you buy them at the IX Center's box office, they'll cost you $14 so get your tickets ahead of time. It's a lot more affordable than a trip to the tropics and you won't get sunburned either! 

You can also enter to win two tickets to the show! Contest ends Sunday Feb. 2nd at midnight. Winner will be announce Monday Feb. 3rd.
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You can also enter over at Clue into Cleveland for another chance. 

Coming up in March, there's another fun show to attend. The first-ever Cleveland Home + Remodeling Expo  will take place Friday, March 14 – Sunday, March 16 at the new Cleveland Convention Center. This three-day home improvement expo will showcase new and innovative trends and products in home remodeling and design. This is the perfect show to get ideas and start planning thosespring renovation projects.

** Disclosure: I was invited to attend The Great Big Home and Garden Show with a guest.
As always, the thoughts and opinions shared are my own. **


  1. I have a pretty small yard which works pretty well for us, but there isn't enough space to grill outside and also eat outside. We have patio plans that we're planning to tackle this year. I also want to put in a garden for vegetables.

  2. My least favorite thing about my yard is the giant hole that used to be a swimming pool. Hopefully we can decide if we want to fix it or fill it this year! ~ Rosalie R.

  3. I don't have a yard yet so I can't really say... but we did finally get a balcony with our move this past September, so I'm looking forward to having some potted plants and hopefully trying growing spices :)

  4. My least favorite thing about my yard is the back lawn. It is full of weeds, hard ground, and bare spots. We started a service last year and hopefully it will start looking better.

  5. my back yard is least favorite. Full of weeds, hard ground and bare spots. Hopefully the seed we put down takes this year

  6. I have a good size back yard that is just ....there.....I need ideas on what to do with the space. - GLP

  7. i really want to put a koi pond in my front yard and im talking the whole nine yards. i want a fountain a waterfall going into the pond and have it be decent sized. i have ptsd so id love to have a spot to calm my anxiety and it will help make my relationship better with my dad by building it together

  8. I just built a new home and my lawn was just installed the end of September! I got to actually mow it once!!!!! The landscaping beds are in but I am waiting until spring to plant all of the bushes!!!! I also need a patio in the back yard!!! the list is endless :)

  9. I just built a new home and my lawn was just installed the end of September! I got to actually mow it once!!!!! The landscaping beds are in but I am waiting until spring to plant all of the bushes!!!! I also need a patio in the back yard!!! the list is endless :)

  10. We need to redo our whole house! Just bought a space and it's very empty...

  11. My yard is my current nightmare. I'd love to go to the show to get some ideas for things I can do on my own and for not a lot of money. Creativity is NOT my strong point so I need professional help. ;)


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