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2014 Foodie Resolutions

I'm not much of a resolution type of gal. All those great New Year's intentions some how always seem to fizzle by Valentine's Day...if not sooner! And then I feel disappointed in myself and full of self loathing.

But this year, I decided to focus on a few food related Must Do's. If I write them down, hopefully I will actually accomplish them! Here goes:

1. Join Fresh Fork again. 
I didn't participate last year because of the wedding. I hate to waste food and I knew there was no way in hell I would have the time to do any serious cooking. I really missed our weekly bags of goodies...especially the watermelons!

2. Make bread. Real bread. With yeast.
For some reason, yeast terrifies me! I'm always afraid I'm going to kill it so I just avoid it. I know this is really silly so I've already bought some yeast. 

3. Try Brewnuts.
I love donuts. So much that we had a donut truck at our wedding reception! And I love beer. These geniuses thought to put the two together. Get in my mouth now! I swiped this photo from their FB page for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

4. Compost.
I had a compost pile a few years ago and really loved it. Then I was in a car accident that kept me from being able to use my arm. I couldn't stir the pile for a really long time and eventually gave up on it. I think the time is right to get it going again - especially with a new hubby with big strong arms.

5. If you Pin it, Make it!
We cook a lot around our house. We both love it and really enjoying cooking together. I pin a TON of recipes on Pinterest because it's the easiest way to save recipes. I've actually made some of the things I've Pinned but not nearly enough. I would like to make one recipe a month from my boards. And not just the cookies...

What about you? Do you make resolutions? Anyone have a good bread recipe?


  1. hey Crystal! Shelley here, one of the Brewnuts owners, thanks for the love! Just let us know if your'e interested in placing an order :-) we can't wait to hear your review - and btw - these are definitely the best new years resolutions I've ever heard of!

  2. Hey Crystal,
    Thanks so much for including us in your resolutions!!! These are probably the best New Years resolutions we've ever seen, btw. Just let us know if we can pull an order together for you - can't wait to hear your review. Have a great 2014, cheers!

  3. I am actually getting into breadmaking too! I want to make loaf bread for sandwiches. I think it would reduce our grocery bills and be healthier. I made my first batch this week and it turned out well!

    I also want to compost. This might be the year we start that too. I just need a pen or designated spot in our yard.

  4. Holly, I'd love your recipe for bread if you are willing to share. There are so many out there, I don't know where to start.


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