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Holiday Gifting - Shop Local, Shop American: Green Thumb

Even though it's cold outside, gardeners are already thinking of spring and digging in the yard. These gifts are perfect for the person who would rather be growing than mowing.

Boots perfect for muddy chores and splashing through puddles.
A handy multi-purpose tool that lets you cut roots while you're digging instead of needing to carry two separate tools.
To soothe gardener's hands, try this Herb Garden scented Olive Oil and Avocado Hand Cream

This Sprouter Kit will bring the garden inside and produces lots of tasty, and healthy, sprouts.
This isn't romantic or fancy but a Gutter Scoop so you don't get your hands all wet and yucky is practical and such a great idea! Why didn't I think of that??
Goatskin gloves ~ perfect for keeping your hands clean and blister free. I really like how these are adjustable at the wrist to keep out dirt...and bugs!
Speaking of seeds, these are the cutest ones ever!
The Art Packs from the Hudson Valley Seed Library contain organic seeds packaged in gorgeous packets. 
These would be perfect to tuck inside a Christmas card as a special surprise. 

Lots of other seeds to choose from including super cool Cosmonaut Volkov TomatoGerman ThymeLong Island Cheese Pumpkin, and Purple Peacock Broccoli
Growing kits let you grow some of your favorite trees or plant from seed.
I like the Christmas Tree, Bonsai, Venus Fly Trap and Jurassic themed kits.
Heirloom seeds will keep your loved one busy over the winter and produce tasty rewards in the summer for the gift that keeps on giving. These Stupice Tomatoes from Seeds of Change sound perfect for our short Cleveland summers and can even be grown on a patio or deck.
Love this cute little yard witch from Glamos.
They also have a sunshine and flowers as well as tomato cages, pot stands and other metal wire items.
I absolutely ADORE this Watering Can! Comes in pink too.
To pass the time until Spring, this Victory Garden Puzzle will help keep the gardener's hands occupied.
How about a gift membership to the Cleveland Botanical Garden?

And if you have no idea what they already have or need, a gift that is always appreciated is a gift card from Petitti'sGale'sBreezewood or other local nursery. 

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