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Eat*Drink*Cleanse: Day Two

Day Two of Anna in the Raw's Juice Cleanse
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So how did Day Two go? Another great day! I was sure that I would start to be cranky or hungry sometime during the day but I was still feeling good. Every now and then I would have a feeling of fatigue but it didn't last long. I stuck to our schedule better today which really helped keep my energy up. I did start to think about food more today. And really couldn't wait to eat my 1/2 an avocado for dinner! I ate 6 raw almonds throughout the day. 

We did our salad for dinner again: mixed baby greens, sweet onion, red heirloom tomato, red pepper, carrots, cucumber, avocado, thawed edamame, flax seed and chia seeds with a splash of balsamic vinegar and some black pepper. I believe it was more mental for me - the desire to be chewing something and not feeling starving - but my fiance was really wanting food by then. He was sick of just drinking the juices. He even made a trip out in the stormy weather to Earth Fare hoping to find something "raw" to eat but the power was out. So he stuck with the salad. 

When we started this cleanse I knew we had no plans so we wouldn't be tempted by food. Of course, things never work out the way you plan! My aunt and uncle were in town from Texas and everyone was going to dinner. We obviously passed on that but I met them at my other aunt's house afterwards thinking it was safe because they had just eaten. I should have known better - they had Baroana's strawberry cake, yummy chocolate cookies from an Amish baker and coffee! I was so sad to miss out on that cake but honestly, when I was watching them eat it, I really didn't have any great urge to join in. It was totally surreal to watch my aunt eat that chocolate cookie and not really even want a bite! I had brought juice 5+6 with me and drank those happily. The smell of the coffee did make me want some but nothing too bad.

So how does it taste? 

#2 is still the most refreshing and tasty of the bunch for me. My fiance likes #1 and #3 the best. He HATES #4 and has to choke it down - it's too lemony for him. #5 was a little better to me - I think I got used to the ginger flavor mixed with the beets so it wasn't as weird to me. Here's the list of what they all are again:

#1 and #3 are the same and they contain organic romaine lettuce, organic apple, organic celery, organic cucumber, organic spinach, organic kale, organic parsley, and organic lemon. 

#2 is organic pineapple, organic apple, organic mint, and filtered water. 

#4 is like the lemonade cleanse that was all the rage in recent years and contains filtered water, organic lemon, organic agave nectar, and cayenne extract (Mexican habanero, jalapeƱo, African, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese peppers in distilled water).

#5 is the bright red beet juice. It contains organic apple, organic carrot, organic beet, filtered water, organic lemon, and organic ginger. 

#6 is cashew milk and contains organic cashews, filtered water, organic agave nectar, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla extract, and organic vanilla specks. 

So how did we feel? I felt really good throughout the entire day. I think the day was actually a little easier because I knew what to expect but I did find myself thinking of food more throughout the day. Pizza and ice cream were my cravings. My fiance said that he didn't feel as good and had a headache. I think part of his problem might be caffeine withdrawl. He's going to drink some tea during Day 3. I thought I was going to drink tea but I actually forgot it at home so I didn't. 

Everyone wants to know about going to the bathroom. We still are going #1 a lot more but no #2 for either of us on Day Two. This is the exact opposite of what we were expecting and we are happy to not be having any issues!

So now we're starting Day Three - can't wait to see if there are any problems today. I still can't get over the lack of hunger!! I'm bringing raw almonds with me to work again and I'm drinking a cup of hot tea. It's kind of gloomy today so the tea is really hitting the spot!

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