Tuesday, March 26, 2013

See's Candy:This is What You Want the Easter Bunny to Bring

It's been a long time since I believed in the Easter Bunny, but I do still believe in Easter Baskets. Such a fun way to show someone you love that you care no matter what their age! That being said, I'm a total Easter Basket snob. No Cadbury Cream eggs and hollow drug store bunnies for me! I am a sucker for good old fashioned black jelly beans (yes! I'll eat all yours too!) and red licorice. But what really makes me happy is some seriously good chocolate. Especially if peanut butter, nuts, pretzels and caramel are involved too.

I was recently invited to the visit the newly opened See's Candies at Beachwood Place Mall and discovered some AMAZING treats to add to this year's basket! A Hollywood and cult favorite, See's is finally in Ohio. And to kick off the opening of the new location, the folks at See's were incredibly generous with all the samples and goodies they gave us. I was able to try a very large assortment of their sweet treats during the event and afterwards. Here's just some of the samples I received:

See's has a long chocolate making history including being in an iconic television episode...

We were able to recreate a version of this scene by racing to pack a box of chocolates. Everyone was a winner because we got to take them home.  
Jess with her box of Milk Bordeaux
So what will I be putting in my basket? These are some of my favorites:
These eggs top the list just for sheer cuteness!
Scotchmallow is one of their best sellers: an unexpectedly delicious mix of buttery caramel, honey marshmallow and dark chocolate, and I can see why. I normally hate normal marshmallows unless they are melted (S'mores!) but these totally won me over. Yum.
These stole my heart 
Another favorite is their California Brittle - crunchy toffee brittle, almonds and milk chocolate. 

If you like lollipops, get some of these - they are famous for them and one lick will tell you why
The rich flavors are amazing! Butterscotch, chocolate, cafe latte and vanilla are perfect for grown up taste buds. I love the stickless Little Pops and keep them in my purse for emergency sugar fixes.

For many, it's not Easter without a giant egg. These are still decorated BY HAND
 ...so each one is unique. I love that real people are making real chocolate! No preservatives either.

And last but not least, their dark chocolate caramels with nuts are so addictive. They are in front in the picture above. I love that they aren't coated in chocolate so no messy fingers.

One small section of the candies available
They have so many choices there really is something for everyone including sugar free candy. 

If you hop on over to the store by 3/31, you can get $2 off your $20 purchase. Click here for your coupon.

I was invited to visit the store and given ridiculous amounts of candy to sample and take home. While this obviously made me VERY happy, the content of this post is my own. **


  1. I can just hear you eating the candies... mmmmm. holy good. yum. oh yes.

    LOL !!!

    1. Oh Holly you're killing me!! ha ha ha

  2. I finished all of my candie oh a week or so ago :) But I'm swinging by there Saturday to pick up some candy for Ryan. He gave up nuts for Easter so he couldn't eat a lot of the candies so it was killing him. I figure it will be a good way to make it up to him.

  3. I totally forgot about the no nuts things - poor guy! Their nut candies were my favorites too. I'm sure he'll be super happy to finally get to try them!


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