Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Last Minute Shop Local Guide

Some years I'm really on the ball and have all my shopping and wrapping done by now. Most other years, I am rushing around at the last minute looking for that perfect gift. If you are like me and still need to wrap up your holiday shopping, here's some choices that will delight your friends and family and help support our local economy. Christmas is less than a week away - we better get shopping!

1. Zack's Brews Coffee
I know every coffee lover on your list would enjoy this one! You could get them one of each blend or pair a bag with gift certificate matching the variety you choose. This would also make a great addition to a gift basket including a thermal mug, homemade bakery and local tasty treats. $8.99 per 12-ounce bag at Heinen's supermarkets. If you want to try before you buy, you can get cup at each of the namesake restaurants.

Zack Bruell partnered with Caruso's Coffees and created a signature line of beans each reflecting the culinary style of his amazing restaurants:

o L'Albatros with rich chocolate caramel notes
o Parallax with hints of smokey citrus
o Chinato is the darkest, richest blend, in the European style
o Cowell & Hubbard has dark fruit notes, a mellow low-acid finish
o Table 45 well-balanced and global
o Signature Blend Hot Lips brings dark chocolate, black cherry and a touch of spice

2. Lilly Handmade Chocolates
If you have an adventurous chocolate lover on your list, this is THE place to go. The chocolates are too gorgeous to eat…almost. Unique and decadent flavors tucked inside little bites of art are swoon worthy. And while you’re there, get yourself a cup of the peanut butter sriracha hot chocolate. It’s life changing. She sells out every day at this time of year so get there quick! Find her on Facebook here.

3. Cleveland International Film Festival
An organization that is near and dear to my heart, it’s a Must Do event every year. If you have a movie fan on your list, a membership would be a fun treat! As a member you also get discounts on merchandise, reduced tickets prices and the ability to buy your tickets early. And if they are afraid of subtitles, don’t worry. There are a lot of films in English. Click here for membership information.

4. CLE Clothing Co.
One of my favorite shops – there’s really something for everyone on your list here. Super cute T’s and hoodies show off your Cleveland pride. Local art, jewelry, and even Christmas ornaments are all made locally or in the USA. 

Some of my favorites:
Another favorite shop of mine is located on W. 25th near the West Side Market. They too have everything local: clothing, jewelry, art, d├ęcor, soaps and lotions and more. While you are there, stop next door at...

6. Campbell's Sweets Factory
They have everything imaginable to satisfy your sweet tooth. Popcorn, cupcakes, candy apples and more. Click here for a list of their amazing popcorn flavors.  You can even get a behind the scenes tour.

They have a dizzying array of handmade jewelry from the Far East, home decor items, gorgeous beaded clutches and scarves.

Located in Shaker Square, this shop sells a wide variety of local art including jewelry, photography, local books, knits, art and gift baskets. They also have some of my favorite Christmas ornaments:
They also have classes where you can make your own jewelry including BYOB, Wine and Art parties, beading and more. I've made two bracelets here and love them.

9. Local Book Stores
For the book lover on your list, patronize a local store like these:
10. One Styling
If you want to give someone the gift of great hair, get them a styling tool from One Styling. They are a local company based in Solon. You can purchase the tools at Dino Palmieri Salon at Eton or online. If you order online, they have a 30 day challenge where you get a free bubble wand if you purchase any one of their Epic or Legacy styling tools. 
Photo credit: OneStyling
The Bubble Wand is an amazing tool that gives you perfect imperfect curls. And the hair dryers cut your dry-time in half. 

11. Zoya
Zoya is my favorite polish and the company HQ is right here in Cleveland. Long wearing and free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor it's the perfect way to get your nails party ready. These are my holiday favorites:
Ziv, Logan and Blaze
The Gilty Pleasures Limited Edition Set is a perfect gift for a lover of all things sparkly with its top coat of real 18k gold flakes:
photo credit: Zoya
12. USA Made Goods
If every American takes the time and makes the effort to purchase things that are Made in the USA, it helps the entire US economy. Here is a list of things to buy that keep your holiday dollars here in America.

What's your favorite local spot to shop?

*disclosure: I have received Zoya and One Styling products from the companies in the past. This has in no way influenced my opinion of these products. They are on this list because I love them and they are local.*


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    1. I was not aware of you! Thanks for the info.

  2. Love these ideas...mostly for me! Hopefully I haven't been too naughty this year.

    I did NOT know that kitchen aid mixers are made in Ohio. I dying to have one.

    1. My mixer just broke - and right in the midst of holiday baking season - ugh! I know you weren't TOO naughty so you should be safe :)

  3. I also like to he t people gift certificates to local dining experiences, like Gatherings Kitchen, Dinner in the Dark, etc.

  4. Big fan of Room Service as well. Friendly service and handmade goods too. I got an adorable CLE onesie there for my future niece! EEEEK! Love shopping local. Thanks for the recommendations. Happy Holidays!

  5. I got #8 from my sis-in-law! It's on my tree here in San Diego! Love it! And I've purchased ornaments from City Buddha a few years ago - stillmy fav ones on the tree! And I must say that #10 looks a "interesting". Let's just say it would sell well in my hood of Hillcrest! haha Thanks for sharing this! I read it late, but gives me idea for next year!


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