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Starting November Off Right - Part 1 - #WSM100 People's Party

First order of business - don't forget to vote!!
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The first weekend of November proved to be a fun-filled non-stop party - I'm still recuperating but it was SO worth it!
photo from West Side Market
Friday kicked off the weekend with the West Side Market's People's Party - a budget friendly fundraiser at Crop Bistro to celebrate the Market turning 100. Over 1,000 people attended this potluck featuring food from more than nearly 40 local chefs.

We somehow timed our visit perfectly and missed the huge lines. We started off with some spiked Crop punch and made our way into the Vault. 
Cleveland Pickle started my night off right. Every morsel was delicious! The pickle topped with goat cheese and roasted tomato pesto and an apricot balsamic spread was my favorite bite on this plate.

Ran into the awesome Chef Jeff Jarrett of Amp 150 in time to snag one of the quickly disappearing fancified PB+J (fois gras with almond butter and jam on toasted brioche) and his perfect squash soup with pumpkin seeds.

I was looking forward to trying the Lion on Lorain's grub finally but they were out of food by the time I arrived at 9:30. So sad! I did snag several handfuls of Anna Harouvis' addictive kale chips so all was not lost.

Loved the sake cocktail from Noodlecat. (And they were nice enough not to point out that I had several - thanks guys!) Chef Brian Doyle of Sowfood made a deliciously different Thai version of squash soup topped with cilantro foam.

Bac had a tasty little pork rangoon to go with their amazing green papaya salad (always one of my favorites!)

The best dessert award goes to Campbells Sweet Factory thanks to their dizzying array of flavored popcorn, cupcakes and chocolate covered everything. Fellow blogger Tom Noe of Exploring Food My Way has a great picture of their spread here.

Some other favorites:
The goat cheese filled cones were topped with the most amazing cherry - yum!
loved the addition of apple and blue cheese in this butternut squash
not your average pierogies
New food truck Slanegwiches' fun marion berry short ribs with pickled veggies 
Our host Crop offered a delicious brisket/polenta combo
In addition to tons of great food, I was dying to get my hands on some Rehive Ale. We also got some honey roasted nuts from the bee keeper's daughter. Perfect combo!
Chef Kimberly McCune Gibson's honey brew hit the shelves at Heinen's yesterday. You can also taste the beer at the Aurora store on Friday (11/9) from 4-8 and the Bainbridge store on Saturday(11/10) from 12-4. $10.99 and a six-pack could be yours. You won't be disappointed!

Loved seeing tons of friends too - I think everyone in Cleveland came out for this event. Especially hungry bloggers.
photo swiped from Wearing Mascara
Julie, me, Michelle and Katrina

@MorganJPerez and her lovely sister

photo swiped from my friend Angela
@WearingMascara and @davidjustice

Sometimes it was too crowded. And loud. (do I sound old or what?!)

And thanks to a last minute VIP party before the doors opened, many guests missed out on some great food. But I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Seriously, look how much fun we had:

We had a little TOO much fun and still had a big weekend ahead after staying out a little too late on Friday. Stay tuned for part 2!

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