Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Sweet Suite

Ever since I found out about the Indians Social Suite last year, I’ve been dying to go. First of all, I’d never been in a suite of any kind. Ever. Second, I’m a huge fan of the Indians - baseball is my favorite sport. Third, I’m officially hooked on social media. I love keeping in touch with friends and making new ones. In fact, that’s my favorite part of doing this blog – I love meeting new people that I would never have gotten to meet in any other way.

After all last year and most of this season, I finally got to experience the fabulousness of the Social Suite! When I told my fiance (a HUGE baseball nut!) he was really excited that he would get to come too. We fully expected to have a great time.

And we did – and the experience so far exceeded our expectations we are still giddy after our perfect night at Progressive Field!

We wisely opted to take advantage of the pre-game noshing at the Press Dining Room. For $10 we feasted on a tasty all-you-can-eat spread that included the obvious hot dogs, burgers and nachos and the unexpected cheesy potatoes, assorted salads and eggplant. In addition, they had Pierre’s ice cream, cookies, brownies and canolis. In a moment of pure genius, I concocted a root beer float to top off my meal.

Afterwards, we headed to the suite just in time for the first pitch to be thrown. We met some great Tweeps: 
father/son duo @tribefan1977 and @ngillespie87
@ClvlndK8 and hubby
and a trio from Navy Week

Plus I got to finally congratulate the awesome newlywed @KBinCLE in person and meet her super adorable niece. And I was so happy to see @ack again. We had a great group and some very special guests...
Can you pick out the former Indians pitchers who stopped by to say hi?

Chad Ogea and Mike Jackson were at Progressive Field as Indians Alumni Ambassadors and were nice enough to come to the Social Suite. We had the opportunity to chat with them and they were REALLY gracious about all the photographs and even gave us autographed pictures. Chad had the biggest strongest hands and we almost didn't recognize Mike because he was NEVER smiling like this when he was on the field :) I remember their years as Indians and was super excited to swoon over them in person.

As a bonus for the night, @ngillespie87 managed to catch his 1st Major League baseball while not even spilling a drop of his beer. Talent on and off the field that night for sure!
Great catch!
With all the Tweeting I was doing that night, I was really happy that we had a charging station in the Suite. Don't you wish these were everywhere?!?!

In addition to all this fun, we also got to watch the fireworks from the dugout. I didn't take a picture of the tons of debris they were literally shoveling up before we went inside (trust me, it was pretty gross!) but I loved all the seeds that were left behind.

We sat on the seats and checked out the opposing team's defensive alignment they left behind. Yep, we thought we died and went to heaven. 

What a treat for two die hard Indians fans!

I have to give a shout out to the Indians and give them a huge THANK YOU! What an experience! 

If you are involved in social media and would like a chance to visit the Social Suite, you'll have to fill out an application. Then, all you have to do is keep your fingers crossed. I know I'm hoping to get to make a repeat visit! 
Win or lose, I love our Indians. 
Go Tribe!


  1. i wish the browns did this ;)

  2. Looks like a blast :-) I'm so jealous! All-you-can-eat for $10 is such a steal!

  3. What a great day!! Suites are the way to go!!


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