Friday, August 3, 2012

New York - Here I Come!

photo from Anne Lubner Designs
I'm FINALLY headed to the Big Apple! For a girl that's been everywhere, it's really shocking it's taken me this long.

I've been getting some great tips on where to go and what to do. Since we are only there a couple of days, it's really overwhelming!

Here's what we are planning so far:

1. Where to Stay
We decided on a super cute B+B called The Inn on 23rd in Chelsea. I am a rebel and didn't want to stay in Times Square. Plus, I love a good B+B and this one serves breakfasts prepared by the local cooking school. 

2. Where to Eat
#1 Must Do is PIZZA!!! Can't wait to get some thin crust charred goodness. This was a difficult one to decide but we're headed to Grimaldi's under the Brooklyn Bridge. And of course the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory will be dessert.

Speaking of dessert, Milk Bar is a a must too! I'm going to try to fit Momofuko in too so I can see how it compares to our own Noodlecat.

3. Where to Go
This one could really be in the Where to Eat category but either way, I'm not coming home without visiting Eataly! Once I go there, I may never come home. I've been dreaming about this Italian food mecca since it opened. We'll definitely be eating here AND taking some souvenirs home.

The High Line is a super funky and cool park created on an abandoned elevated rail line. It's by our B+B and I can't wait to check it out.

We were going to go to the top of the Empire State Building but have decided to try Top of the Rock instead. I like that we'll be able to SEE the Empire State Building and that they have timed tickets so we won't spend hours in line. 

I definitely want to see the Statue of Liberty so we are planning on some sort of boat cruise that will be a great way to get an overview of the city too.

Central Park, Times Square, Hells Kitchen, Soho - they are all on the wish list. I'd love to go to squeeze in the Frick Collection too but it might need to be saved for our next visit.

I want to cram as much fun (and food!) in as possible. Any other ideas?
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  1. I think that's a great list. You don't want to do too much & miss out on the present moment. You will go back, so keep that in mind!

  2. Ah, I love NYC! I want to get back there so bad. You're going to have so much fun!!

  3. try to get tickets to see something from the TKTS booth (it's in Times Square)—go the day of for half price theatre tickets. It's awesome (as long as you're not super picky about what you see). I've gotten GREAT tickets to actual name shows (like Avenue Q and Rent). I've been hearing great things about Peter and the Starcatcher and Once (and Jersey Boys is always fantastic) Check out their website for info about times and what shows they've been getting


    1. I would def rec doing this! Since you have limited time, this could wait until your next trip.

      Have a great time!

    2. There's a location at South Street Seaport, too. I usually go there because it's less crowded. Check the website for which location sells what before you go: (Matinee tickets are only sold on the day before the performance at TKTS South Street Seaport.)

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm trying to keep it simple. I don't want to rush around like a mad woman. As long as I get pizza, Eataly and the Statue of Liberty, I'll feel like a success! I already know I'll be back!

  5. If you find yourself near Barney's and Macy's be sure to stop for a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 (225 East 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue). I get one every time I'm there.

    1. I've only been to NYC a few times, but I've had one of the Frozen Hot Chocolates and it's delicious! I remember it being huge too. Someone told me Serendipity 3 is one of those places that has a high likelihood of seeing a celebrity. That was back in the 90s though, and who knows if it was ever true.

      I can't wait to hear about it! Especially Eataly!

  6. If you find yourself near Macy's and Barney's be sure to stop for a Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3(225 East 60th Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue). I get one every time I'm in New York.

  7. Ellis Island is also an amazing place to visit; you can do tours where you get boat transport to both islands the same day.

    For food, you should make some time to stroll around Chinatown. Though some foodies argue that Manhattan Chinatown is a shadow of it's former self, it's still a wonderful cultural and culinary diversion (even if you don't actually eat there).

    If time permits, you can wander from Chinatown through Little Italy, which is again still a unique and interesting place despite the changes over time.

    If even more time permits, visit the Lower East Side, where these culinary treasures still exist:

    Katz's Deli – 205 E. Houston Street
    Guss' Pickles – 87 Orchard Street
    Kossar's Bialys – 367 Grand Street
    Yonah Shimmel's Knish Bakery – 137 E. Houston Street
    Russ & Daughters – 179 E. Houston Street
    Schapiro's Kosher Wine – Essex Street Market

    Yonah Shimmel's is the consummate knish.

    Have fun!

  8. Staten Island ferry is free and great view of Statue and downtown! If you're by Rockefeller Center you gotta hit St. Pat's cathedral and the Nintendo store! You're gonna love the Highline, I walked the whole length last time I was there! Mex restaurant called Hell's Kitchen (48th and 9th)is awesome!

  9. Have a wonderful time! We went for a weekend last September and walked our feet off, but saw just about everything we could want to see and did everything from dive bars to cocktails on a roof in the Meatpacking District. Just enjoy and take it all in!

  10. I'm glad you ididnt stay in times square! Hope you get to make it to the taqueria. Njoy your tip.

  11. Hotel looks great! I usually stay at a place on 23rd and 7th ave (near there) but your hotel looks nicer!

    The Rock is also a good idea. I did that as well.

    Let me know about Momofuko and don't forget about the many great street fests going on (pick up a Village Voice and other free publications to see what's going on around you).

    Also have fun and remember that a "regular" coffee has cream and sugar in it. :-)


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