A hungry girl's adventures in Cleveland and beyond.

Hot in the City

With the super hot weekend, we still managed to get out and about and enjoy our city. It was my fabulous BF's birthday so we had a lot of fun to have regardless if we were melting or not!

Friday we were off and went to Slyman's - my first time! I was so excited to finally try this Cleveland institution. I've always wanted to go but the location is difficult and they aren't open on weekends.

I was a little afraid I would be disappointed because of all the hype but Slyman's did not disappoint! We split the Rueben and the classic corned beef. The meat was lean and seasoned to perfection. And those pickles! Don't even get me started on how good they are! 
Be sure to order a "short stack" - a little baggie of sliced rye bread - so you can make a 2nd sandwich at home with your leftover meat. 
one happy girl with her huge sandwich
This weekend, we also went to our favorite Asian bakery in Cleveland, Koko Bakery

This is where you find the coconut bun

hot dog buns are served hot

They have Hong Kong style buns that are always fresh and delicious. My absolute favorites are the coconut buns: a slightly sweet, chewy and yeasty roll stuffed with sweetened coconut. Perfection. Another favorite here is the hot dog bun. It's a hot dog wrapped with that same slightly sweet dough - great for a grab and go lunch.  They also have bubble tea, coffee drinks and gorgeous pastries and cakes.

We spent the actual birthday bumming around the city and having a blast. Because the 4th of July holiday fell on Wednesday, I switched my Fresh Fork pick up to Saturday at Tremont. What a great move! I might need to do that more often. After picking up the veggies, we stopped in at Wine & Design to say hi to Greg and pick up a bottle of vino. We also had to pay a visit to Lucky's for some coffee. Luckily I brought a cooler so we were able to stash the veggies and continue our fun.

We went to the West Side Market to pick up some bread and peppered bacon from Dohar's for some BLTs (seriously, I'm addicted to them!) Also found a great deal on a case of fresh figs.

super cute vintage shop in an Airstream
Found that the festivals in the little park are back and scored a cute little straw purse for a steal at this funky vintage shop in a camper. It was so hot I didn't want to go inside but I'm so glad I did!

We also went over to the Viaduct Lounge to check out the awesome views and catch some of the cool breeze off the lake.

We even managed to try a new restaurant (stay tuned for that review) and I finally went to the new Winking Lizard Independence location. We found a taste sensation there - the Black Barrel. Kentucky Boubon Barrel Ale mixed with Guinness. Seriously, it's amazing! 
As always, we managed to have more fun that you would think possible. I hope you did too! And it was great to end the weekend with the windows open and a cool breeze. 
Buffy catching the breeze in her ears
Maybe my house will stop smelling like bacon...